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IT Management Always Blames the Worker Bees 266

An anonymous reader writes "A refreshing dose of sanity, It Management Fail: Always Blame the Worker Bees counters Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad, which advocates the usual reactive and punitive Big Brother measures for keeping those icky, untrustworthy IT staffers in line. Management really needs to look in the mirror when IT screws up."

Comment Site-Department-JobTitle (Score 1) 688

I usually use a combination of the site name that the computer sits at, the department it is being used in, and the job title of the person using it. Oh, and each of these things are abbreviated. So a workstation name that appears like CO-AC-PC001 would be Central Office - Accounting - Payroll Clerk 001. Seems to work after you get used to what your "codes" stand for. I find tying the last part of the name to a job title instead of a user's name makes it easier when people come and go in positions.

Comment Re:Too much analyzing, too little feeling real. (Score 1) 1146

As a dual geek couple (is that the proper term?) completing our 11th year of marriage, I have been the guy exactly described in the parent post: Try to be a good partner, but unknowingly lie to yourself about your true resentments. It's easy to do. Don't be that guy because it really does bite hard when you wake up years or decades later. It's funny how, you can have the best communication in the world between SOs, but communicating with yourself is rarely considered (and far more devastating). Too many people enter or run marriage with an over compromising "yes dear" mentality. True, marriage does involved some compromises, but it should happen with moderation. Oh, and I'm not sure how old you are, but my hope is at the least you are in your mid to late twenties. IMHO marriage should not be permitted to those under 25.

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