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Comment Re:Wasn't this how a lot of us started? (Score 2) 132

Kinda. Not really hacking, but programming. I was too cheap to be able to afford any games on my Sinclair Spectrum so I wrote my own. Then when I first moved to PC I did the same. Learnt programing- never meant or wanted to do it as a career but accidentally fell into it (because it's easy when you've been doing it since you were 5) and now it's my career.

Now I program for work and so I don't write games because the last thing I want to do when I get home is program some more. Killed my hobby, but it's a decent career to have.

Comment Re:"Marijuana is a gateway drug" (Score 1) 132

Well... it kinda is, but only because it's illegal most places. If it's illegal and you try it and have a good experience you're more likely to try other illegal substances.

I doubt Marijuana's place as a gateway drug is anywhere near as placed in societies where it is now legal.

Comment The police are right... (Score 1) 132

Learning to mod WILL no doubt increase the number of hackers. A small percent of those hackers may do malicious things with their hacking skill.

A greater number will learn how to improve existing software on hardware, or train hardware to do better and greater things Some will go into the maker movement, some will become programmers.

Yes, learning to mod may steer a minority of modders into doing bad things- and may steer a majority of modders INTO DOING GOOD THINGS.

Comment Re:Shark officially jumped (Score 1) 129

I'm not sure if it will be harder or easier to make a self-driving drone.

You have an extra dimension that needs to be scanned for threats, but there are no traffic lights, much fewer human pilots (especially lower altitude), no pedestrians, no traffic signs, no streets to follow.

Overall there are a lot fewer rules that need to be considered than there are for cars. Consequences for getting things wrong are more dire- but it might be more practical to pull off than a self-driving car... at least until they become more numerous and collision avoidance becomes more challenging.

Comment Terrorist opportunity (Score 1) 129

An automated flying vehicle will require much more communication with the ground/other flying objects than an automated car.

The more communication a vehicle has to make, the more there is opportunity for hacking. I hope security is really tight on these things so we don't see them all hacked by terrorists to fly into the freedom tower... or even by pranksters sending everyone to Cleveland.

/ honey, I swear I didn't instruct my uber to send me to the strip club, a prankster hacked my drone.

Comment Re:More silent? (Score 1) 129

Yeah, I suspect their VTOL vehicles are based on up-sized quadrocopter drones, which might make sense for safety, environment, and cost. They won't be as loud as a helicopter, but they will be far louder than your handheld drone (which are far from silent) due to size. Probably will be quieter than the mutilated Mustang my neighbor drives though and not the loudest vehicle around.

Comment Alien Virus (Score 0) 48

I've seen that Andromeda movie. Wasn't it an alien virus that almost wiped out life on earth- and just when they thought they had a solution the virus mutated and kept on killing.

Is this what google is trying to accomplish? Wipe out all life on earth so the only sentient beings are... ... androids?

Comment Re:Ed Snowden Says Stay Away From Google Allo (Score 1) 48

It also doesn't work seamlessly with existing messaging apps. I gave it a test run and was told by message recipients that it pops up a warning message about the message "may come from an unsafe source" every time I sent a message.

I'm not going to piss off everyone I text with that crap so I uninstalled it.

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