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Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 183

It isn't personal preferences. Braces are completely superior, using indentation alone causes problems:

*Mixing of the two causes programs to perform differently, but the bug isn't visible. This once cost me 3 weeks to track down a bug where one line in 30K from a contractor used a tab instead of spaces. This isn't the only time I've seen it cause bugs, just the worse.

*Copy pasting from the web is nearly impossible.

*When editing other people's code you don't know what to use. I actually just copy paste the line above every time, its the only way to assure it uses the right thing.

This stupid concept has cost more time than any other language decisions I've ever dealt with.

Now you're going to say "if you just follow the style guide...". That's not an answer. If you just wrote code the right way there'd never be a memory issue in C++ either. If you want the style guide to be necessary, make everything other than the style guide a syntax error.

Python is completely unusable just due to this issue.

Submission + - GMail app update blocking non-GMail servers

ukoda writes: Given the GMail Android app is bundled with most Android phone and has offered support for email accounts with other service providers it has become a popular email client. However sometime in November last year Google updated their app to silently reject self-signed certificates. For users of servers with self-signed certificates their email stopped coming in. Refreshing the inbox appears to go normally with no problems reported. From this support thread it is apparent that server connections are being rejected with the warning "Certificate Not Valid" even when the "All Certificates" option is chosen. The explanation from Google is they are improving security but for some users that had a working secure connection they now have to either stay with GMail, and turn off encryption, or move to a new app such as K9 or BlueMail. The lack of meaningful responses from Google leave little hope of things improving anytime soon.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 2, Insightful) 1476

No, he's itching for a confrontation with China which is worse- because unless we could kill them off quickly, we'd probably lose in a long-drawn out confrontation. Europe could probably defeat Russia without us.

Also, Chamberlain before WWII kept granting Hitler room to keep expanding, until it was too late and war was inevitable when he finally crossed the line against Poland. That's could potentially happen against Russia. He takes a chunk of Georgia, he takes a chunk of Ukraine, he takes a chunk of Latvia and Lithuania. Eventually we'll get pulled into confrontation if we let him keep gobbling up eastern Europe and turning a blind eye.

Placing sanctions and remaining firm is probably the only thing keeping us from war with Russia. Even Putin's lapdog will have to bite eventually if the whole country is saying "enough".

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 5, Funny) 1476

The United States is three times the size of India.

If you're talking about population. India is by far the world's largest democracy.
If you're talking about land size. Canada is the world's largest democracy. (unless you consider Russia democratic- then it is).
If you're talking about weight of the average person then... yes... in that scenario, the US is the largest democracy.

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