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Comment Re:It doesn't take 7 billion people (Score 1) 345

The Americas had to be considered a shitty ROI at one point. 6 weeks from anywhere. No farm animals, you had to pack your own. A native population who selfishly didn't want you stealing all their land and stealing from their children.

The best you could hope for as an early colonist was freedom of religion and an existence as a subsistence farmer. Knowing the home country could send a ship of marines and wipe you out at any time if they so chose.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1, Funny) 244

Sounds like they could, but couldn't sell, then Costco stole and sold on massive scale while providing inventors with nothing. Did I miss anything here?

The inventors of what? The golf ball? Did Acushnet invent it? Seriously though, how can a golf ball have 11 patents on it?

Well Apple have a patent on balls that have rounded corners. That's one of the 11.

Comment Ah Robots taking jobs again. (Score 4, Insightful) 345

Before an hour has passed we'll see half a dozen posts by people saying "they'll never take my job". A dozen people pointing out examples of how they are, or they have the technology to do so soon... and half a dozen people whining about "the media doesn't know what AI really is.

I feel like we've had this conversation a lot lately.

Comment Re: Is it news? (Score 1) 231

You have no comprehension of the mass of fuel that would first have to be launched to propel the thing, but yes, if launching that fuel is cost effective then that's a really cool idea!

Actually, it would take very little fuel at all to get it to Mars, in a near-vacuum a little push and inertia will take it there. You only need a lot of fuel if you want it to not take a long time to get there. If you don't mind it taking 10 years you don't need much fuel at all.

Comment They probably have more stores than they need (Score 2) 109

Honestly, I've always thought it crazy just how many Game Stop stores there are. I live in a medium size town and could name 6 or 7 locations (many aren't even that far apart). I'm sure there are other locations here I'm not familiar with on the side of town I don't visit.

Here at least, I don't think anyone would blink an eye if a couple of Game Stop stores went out of business, at worst you'd have to drive an extra mile to get to one.

I almost never go to Game Stop though for two reasons:
1) They've abandoned the PC. Even as more and more people turn to PC gaming- their PC selection becomes more and more laughable (not even sure if they still have one).
2) They're ridiculously overpriced. Everything is so much more expensive than just buying from Steam, GOG or Greenman gaming. ... and that probably is the problem. Places like Steam allow you to browse that much easier, and Xbox has their own version, so does Playstation and Wii. It's just easier to shop online, and the demographic game-stop caters to probably don't like being in stores with people as much.

It is so much nicer to have a box, and browse the wares than do it online, especially if you're just there anyway. It's a hassle to travel to if you're not going there anyway. Fix the price issue though and maybe I, and other customers might return.

Comment Re:Then why just 8 countries? (Score 1) 277

Ignoring the stench of racism in your comments:

*Then why did the US and UK pick different countries?
*Why is this only for certain airlines, and not for all airlines in that airport?
*Why is it only for certain airports, and not all airports in a given country (only one of two international airports in Morocco were mentioned. Its not that hard to get from Casablanca to Rabat).

Or we can take the obvious answer- its all bullshit, and you're a racist prick.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 298

I think it depends on the show and the strengths and qualities of the writers involved. Sometimes serialized shows work, and sometimes they would be better off episodic .

A lot of shows get ruined by serialization if the writers aren't skilled enough to introduce character development without compromising plot (or even if they are very skilled, but just better at plot than "character development"). As an example, take Sherlock, great when it first started out when it was more episodic in nature but has been very "meh" the last couple of seasons as they've tried to "develop the characters' relationships more", in the process damaging the plot.

I do think number of episodes in a season is reversely proportional to the quality of the season. Shows with 3 to 12 episodes a season tend to be much better written than shows that are 13 to 26 episodes a season. This is probably mostly down to a smaller, more coordinated and higher qualified writing team being involved.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 5, Insightful) 298

The problem with the networks and cable channels is that they put out really crappy "reality shows" because it's cheaper and can't understand why people quit watching their shows and cut the chord and start getting their TV from places like Netflix.

Meanwhile, Netflix, who have a much better pulse on who is watching what (they get better access. Direct access to the data) pick up shows that people actually want to watch. (it's not reality shows). Then they make sure they are done right. A lot of what Netflix produces is much better than the average from networks and cable.

If you want to fight Netflix- create shows that people want to see and stop cutting corners producing reality shows.

Comment Then why just 8 countries? (Score 5, Insightful) 277

Let's assume this is a real threat And obviously it is doable, you could open up an ipod, rip out the guts, and put other stuff in its place. Why just 8 countries then? If its a real threat, its a global threat. Its not all that hard for someone to fly to another country first and then travel from an allowed airport. If this is a real threat, it should be from all airports. Otherwise its just games.

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