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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 226

Voting against Trump is no excuse for voting for Clinton. They're both evil.

Trump and Clinton may both be corrupt but Trump worries me more.

Trump holds the constitution in contempt. He is opposed to "non discrimination based on religion sex, gender, national origin, etc". He wants to limit free speech, making it illegal for newspapers to criticize him. He wants to imprison his political rivals. He sees no faults in Putin. The only foreign leaders to endorse him are Putin and Kim Jong Un. He asks his followers to assassinate his rival. He asks foreign powers to hack her.

He sounds more and more like a dictator wannabe by the day. He's a white Robert Mugabe: in temperament, politics and ideals.

What do you think will happen 4 years from now if we have a crisis. Perhaps a war or a terrorist attack? What are the odds a President Trump would allow free elections to occur?

"My fellow Americans, I am postponing the election to preserve the safety of the citizens until such a time it is safe for the population".

Clinton is a corrupt bitch. Trump is a threat to the constitution and democracy. I know which is worse. I know which one would be bad for America and which one would be potentially DEVASTATING for America.

Comment I prefer Twitter... (Score 1) 46

Of the various antisocial networks, I prefer Twitter to things like Facebook.

Twitter let's you be anonymous. Twitter doesn't track you quite as closely. (I'm sure they still do, but I don't see Twitter getting blocked on my browser for tracking). Twitter doesn't introduce new privacy effacing features and turn them on by default. Twitter doesn't let other people upload your picture and tag it if you're not a member.

Twitter actually serves a purpose other than spreading your vanity. It's a great source to find out "happening now" news and information (understanding much of it is flawed). Twitter connects the world instead of small networks.

Twitter is fairly benign. I'd much rather it survive and facebook die. Shame it is so unprofitable.

Comment Re:Enhanced bluetooth, and legacy standards (Score 2) 64

I do too... not the ones that display ads on their screens. That's harmless, I don't look at them, I look away.

The ones I avoid are the ones with the supplemental screens and speakers that play at loud volumes advertising their products. A screen I can deal with, a speaker. NOPE. Speakers hijack your ears.

Comment Re:Enhanced bluetooth, and legacy standards (Score 1) 64

I will never buy a rice cooker with an advertising screen. As long as there is a consumer demand for such products, they shall exist.

You're going to have to lower the price of an application A LOT before someone will accept an ad-only version. 15 years ago they were trying to sell ad-supported PCs on the cheap. People wouldn't touch them. A rice cooker is a much cheaper product than a PC. There isn't enough wiggle room in price to force people to get an ad-supporting version.

Now a refrigerator, maybe. Sell me an ad supported fridge for $100 instead of $500 for the non ad supported version and maybe I'll consider it... MAYBE, depending on how intrusive the ads are and if they don't have sound. (I'd probably sabotage the speaker anyway).

/ I too refuse to shop at petrol stations that play ads. Fewer have them now though than they used to because it does drive away customers.

Comment Re:10 years away (Score 1) 96

Well, yes, those too... since the 50's- although the early ones were notoriously crap (there again so are the modern ones).

There's also been flying cars for a few decades now, at least in concept form, not available to public... of course the main problem is, all the concepts had to be tethered to the ground to prevent them crashing... not very practical at all.

Comment Re:Too many challenges (Score 1) 96

1) Safety may never reach that of an automobile- but most designs don't crash if the engine dies or they run out of fuel, most current designs of aircraft/car hybrids will glide to safety.
2) Supercars find a niche market selling cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
3) The whole sky is the infrastructure
4) Presumably run on some magic future-batteries... they are improving rapidly.
5) Perhaps.

I think the main reason this idea won't *ahem* take-off any time soon is more down to logistics. Having a few flying-cars is manageable. Having many flying cars would be a logistical nightmare trying to find safe-passage and verify their safety, etc.

Unless this is coming mass-market or semi-mass-market, they're not going to get the FAA's attention to change the laws on these regarding needing pilot license, etc.

Comment Re:Money for nothin'... (Score 5, Interesting) 96

What they really want to do is to do to Airtraffic what they did to Taxi services.

Uber is a taxi service that doesn't have to abide by the same laws and regulations that other taxi services do. By not having to follow rules and regulations (By claiming to be ride share).

They want to provide air-traffic service (maybe intra city at first but willing to bet this becomes inter city) without having any of the airtraffic regulations. I bet this has very little to do with "flying cars" and more to do with circumventing laws to get it done cheaper.

Comment They need a big success (Score 1) 33

They need a big success to life them up after the Note 7.

They have a lot of respect and goodwill from other buyers. I know my wife won't buy any phone that isn't Samsung. (I had one Samsung phone I loved, but I shop around more personally- I'm not brand loyal about anything).

Another mistake like this though would really hurt Samsung. One mistake and most buyers will forgive, a second big mistake and they could rapidly lose market share.

Comment Flying Uber (Score 1) 96

Whereas I'm not 100% against flying cars. I'm 100% against Uber being the ones to deliver them.

A few flying cars in the sky might not be a major problem. When you get hundreds of them in a single city, that's when it starts getting a mess. Hundreds of one ton combustible devices flying over my head at the same time... Needs a lot of thought on safety.

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