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Comment Re:Craigslist has a HUGE amount of scams. (Score 3, Interesting) 193

I thought cashier's cheques were guaranteed by the originating bank?
Last time I made one they took the money out of my account, then handed me the cheque. I no longer had the money, I had a note guaranteed by the bank. I could hand this to someone else and they would get the money from the bank, not from me.

Does anyone know if NZ banks have this issue?

French Police Ditching Windows for Linux 122

esocid writes "In another European blow to Microsoft the French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest administrations in the world to make the break. The gendarmerie began severing its ties with Microsoft in 2005 when it moved to open source office applications like word processing. It switched to open source Internet browsers in 2006."

Submission + - Google Products You Forgot All About

Googling Yourself writes: "Lifehacker has an interesting blog post on the "Top 10 Google Products You Forgot All About" that includes stalwarts like Google Trends and Google Alerts and a few others that may not be quite so familiar like Google Personals, Google's WYSIWYG web site creation tool, and Flight Simulator for Google Earth. How many of the ten do you use regularly and what other Google products do you use that everybody else has forgotten all about?"

Submission + - Google Reader shares private data, ruins Christmas (slashdot.org)

Felipe Hoffa writes: One week ago Google Reader's team decided showing your private data to all your GMail contacts. No need to opt-in, no way to opt-out. Complaints haven't been answered. Some users share their problems, including one family that won't be able to enjoy this Christmas due to this "feature". Will this start happening with all Google products?

You can check a summary of complaints or the whole thread.

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - First commerical open source game in development

LingNoi writes: Blender's project Apricot has begun work on creating the first open source commerical title scheduled for release on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The project is being funded by the Blender and Crystal Space communities in an effort to address the problems that professionals face in the games industry with regards to using Blender 3d and Crystal Space engine.

Discussions have already begun on improvements that can be made on the blender forums.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Recent Hacking on the Final Fantasy XI Community

An anonymous reader writes: As of late, hundreds of Final Fantasy XI accounts have been compromised by a trojan that was leaked into a Final Fantasy XI information page. As more and more accounts seize to exist by legit players, Square Enix continues to do nothing but brush the rightful owners off. With this happening, thousands of players refuse to even log onto their characters, and some just choose to stay up all night watching over them, due to the paranaoia of which account will be taken next. Everyone seems to agree that their Service and Support/GM team should be rendered useless at this point, for refusing to even listen to their customers about the on-going situation. What will it take to get them to notice? It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of WoW boxes under everyone's christmas tree this year. Good job, SE, you done good.

Submission + - Usaspending.gov Federal Spending Tracker Online (usaspending.gov)

FiniteElementalist writes: Champions for government transparency can now view some of the fruits of their labor as Usaspending.gov is online. This site provides easy access to a plethora of searchable data about US Federal Government spending, such as federal contracts and assistance. It also provides an API for small scale accesses to the available data. Usaspending.gov was created as a result of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 introduced by Senators Coburn (R-OK) and Obama (D-IL).
(PS Don't get too worried about the red warning text at the bottom, other than you shouldn't setup automated or bulk data gathering from the site.)

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