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Comment Meaningless prediction from inconsequential people (Score 1) 268

Every once in a while these stories come up. Twenty dollars says the people who made this prediction have never made a living doing any of the work they're predicting is prone to automation. So of course without any intimate appreciation of the finer details of the work, they can blithely declare that it's ripe for automation. Or outsourcing. RodenberryTopia, here we come!

And yet, in $CURRENT_YEAR, everything from cell phones to airliners are still hand-assembled. Yes, there is mechanical assistance, and electronic aid so that what used to take twenty men can be done by one or two, but even in the most automated of Japanese or South Carolina car factories, there are still people employed. What the automation has meant is that production has ramped up and product costs have gone down to the point where every household can aspire to have has can have two or three Lexuses or BMWs in the driveway and a plane ticket to the other side of the planet is no longer the province of the ultra rich. More cars and more planes means more people working at more factories. It balances out.

But if you sit on your ass in a cubicle and operate an Excel spreadsheet all day, these are just numbers and abstractions for you. So you can plug them into an equation someone else has given you and conclude that we'll all have nothing to do come next decade. Pathetic.

Comment Re:Up the headlines from kindergarten level, pleas (Score 1) 32

I'd rather see a well-executed attempt to translate it into adult language than a cut-and-paste any monkey can do. Which raises the question of why the new ownership of slashdot feels it can copy and paste baby talk from non-technical news sources at all. It didn't use to be that way.

Comment Re:Found the LUDDITE! (Score 2) 118

It's an act of courage to remove features everyone uses and doesn't think about, and then to tell those people with a straight face that it's an improvement. No, really. You can't have any vestigial shred of fear in you to do that.

Comment Re:You're individual abilities don't matter (Score 2) 207

Maybe you've just had the misfortune of working with unproductive people who were unproductive when they were young too. In my experience, it's half-and-half. There's a number of folks old enough to be my father who work as long as I do and there's a number of folks younger than I am who check out at 5pm. And plenty of kids with infinite energy and old lumps just collecting a paycheck.

Comment Re:Wrong. (Score 0) 632

You're both full of it. I don't know what you have to be on to conclude that the way to prosperity is for everyone to work less, but you can keep it all to yourselves. As for nationalized benefits? WTF? So that there's a whole 'nother entrenched bureaucracy whose job it is to make the trains run, except that your health now depends on it? Like the VA? That's something to emulate?! must be smoking a bad batch of something.

Comment Yet another repackaged GCC then? (Score 2) 159

And I want it because...why?

Maybe I'm the one with the problem. Given how easy it is to sell people something they already have for free (Dropbox, Slack, GotomyPC, etc), you'd think I'd get on the bandwagon and go into business selling people the ability to click their mouse or type Latin characters on their keyboards.

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