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Comment Not surprising (Score 2) 47

When you consider that the launch lineup was so tiny as to be almost negative, it doesn't come as a shock that the only truly notable title sold as many units as the console.

I still don't see the market for the Switch, given its less-than-competitive performance; it just feels like Nintendo is counting on the gimmick to hit the same lucky timing the Wii did. I'm no expecting much longevity, particularly given the brisk pace that smartphones set as far as portable performance.

Comment Re:No bluetooth and probably 1GB RAM (Score 1) 41

Well, according to the FCC filing, at least, it does have Bluetooth:


Probably right about that single gig of Ram, though, but I expect that this baby might be just as accurately named the 'Barnes&Noble Cut As Many Costs As We Possibly Could Because Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ We're Really Desperate For Money'.

Comment Re:Won't buy from Motorola or Verizon again! (Score 1) 123

Seriously just buy a damned blackberry.. I've been using my z10 for three years now and have no real interest in upgrading it. Sure a better camera could be nice but it runs smooth as butter, has amazing battery life, I can side-load most android apps (I don't really need to though), has the best messaging platform (the hub) bar none, the best multi-tasking capabilities out there, and best of all.. I don't have to worry about this constant drumroll of security flaws found in android and iOS.

Comment Bad news for recovery of the black boxes (Score 2) 89

If big wing sections broke off it suggests the onboard computer was not able to cruise the plane to a gentl landing (or maybe it tried and slammed into a giant wave). Anyways, if the plane broke up then the sonar signature for the jet is probably not what they're looking for and the pieces of the plane could be scattered over a very wide area. I imagine jet wings that are empty of fuel will float around for a while.

Comment Unpaid Blackberry shill... (Score 1, Insightful) 203

Yep, gonna be that annoying SoB and just make note that my BlackBerry z10 has had no ridiculous remote exploit vulnerabilities like this, has the worlds best messaging platform (BlackBerry Hub), awesome battery life, a rock-solid OS that multi-tasks like a dream. And it can run most all Android apps (though they are sandboxed to prevent their many flaws from compromising the rest of the system).

Now bring on the BB bashing!

Comment Re:In short? (Score 1) 318

If performance is measured by results then why do you care where I am? It's inept managers (which accounts for a lot of them) who think keeping a specific chair warm is a measure of productivity. Give me a project, I'll give you a time frame, we agree, then you can screw off. I'll tell you if I'm running into trouble or finished early.

Comment Re:I get a call EVERY DAY from cardmember services (Score 1) 215

Here's what I do.. change your attitude. Every time they call, get out a stop watch. Start it the moment someone starts talking. See how long your can keep them on the phone before they hang up. Keep track. Learn delay strategies. Your credit card is in the other room. Hold on, you need to look up how much you owe. Finally, tell them you need to sign for a package. Mute the phone, put it down, get on with your day.

Or, if you're feeling irritable, string them along for a while and then tell them this is what you do - every day. "Talk to you tomorrow!"

Oh, and fuck you FCC for being so damned useless.

Comment Re:In short? (Score 1) 318

You sound like a middle-manager who needs everyone in the office in order to continue justifying their existence.

You offer no claims for any of your assertions, even hilarious ones like commuting being "a good way to clear your brain." Because because being crammed in subways or stuck in traffic is really most relaxing.

You know what clears my brain? In the afternoons I'll often take a little lie-down after lunch. 20 minutes or so. Maybe watch part of a TV show. Then I get back to my desk feeling rested and ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon at maximum productivity. I'm sure you're just horrified at the thought.

One thing I do not miss about working in an office is all the utterly pointless meetings I had to attend. All too easy for some middle manager to rope the team into a meeting where, as per usual, half the people are typing away on their laptops and paying little attention.

Comment Start a community broadband service (Score 4, Interesting) 123

Want Verizon to sit up straight and come around? NYC is the *perfect* place for community access broadband. Enormous population density with probably high 90% subscribership. Even if it's not possible to use Verizon's fiber I wonder if the conduit is fair game by FCC rules.

Heck, I'm willing to bet a good technical plan and an indieGoGo campaign could get things going.

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