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Comment Reload/Stop Button Unmovable (Score 1) 195

The reload button embedded into the url bar without the ability to move it back to the sane place next to the other navigation buttons (home, back/forward, stop/reload) is the killer for me. I mean, wth. Thankfully the classic theme restorer helps out if you can jump through the right setting hoops, as this is a terrible design in my opinion. IE does this and I can't move it. I don't use IE. Chrome does this but lets me move it. I almost switch back to using chrome as my more permanent browser because of this. Whoever thought putting a tiny stop/reload button here should be removed from making u/i decisions. We wind up with command buttons on the left, command buttons on the right, and a command button in the middle for good measure. Pffttt.

Comment Laws for Morality (Score 1) 528

This seems so bad on many levels. I wonder what the burden of proof is on the origination of the online posting. Depending on who is more vindictive, what's to stop a person posting their own photo and blaming their ex to cause them to receive up to 6 months in jail and $1000 fine. We know how wonderful the legal system is at getting to the bottom of the source of online activity. If we need laws to guard against vindictive douch-baggery .. it can go both ways.

Comment Re:First impressions (Score 4, Informative) 127

FYI, there's a pretty good free video player for android that supports quite a bit of codecs and such. I'm not sure what you're specifically looking for. It also supports natively browsing/playing from smb shares. I also like they way they created finger swipe controls on the playing video for volume, brightness, and ff/rev. After I used it, I really miss it when I play video in Netflix or somewhere else.

Comment No Used it because of Crappy Design (Score 1) 862

I think this should be more telling in how crappy they designed the start menu. I had to manually manage it in XP, but at least I could and group applications in nice neat sub-category menu entries akin to linux's application menu. I think I only use the start menu to 'Run' applications, access control panel, and access the restart/shutdown functionality. Occasionally I use it to find an application I rarely run. Otherwise, I use toolbar shortcuts. It took me awhile to finally get the taskbar where I could use toolbar shortcuts again on Windows 7. I am totally peeved that I cannot create one on the side of the screen anymore too! I have to waste vertical screen realestate instead of the more abundant horizontal realestate.

Submission + - Google Copyright School (

maczealot writes: Google is launching a new "Copyright School" for use as a re-education tool for offenders on YouTube. The apparent purpose being to head off additional leglistation, lawsuits, regulation and other negative impacts to the site. They even have campy cartoon videos for this school like this.

Comment Re:And they said XML was easy to parse (Score 1) 140

Most of the things you ask about can be done with CSV as long as it's quoted properly. If it's not quoted properly, then it would be considered invalid. There's a nice RFC spec for it here:

What happens when your data contains \r or \n characters?

It's perfectly acceptable as long as you quote it (#6 example of RFC 4180). If Oracle doesn't support that, then I would say their implementation is broken.

What happens if the data has commas in it, and the .csv was generated by something that doesn't add quotes?

It's invalid

What do you do if your data is more complicated than a simple table?

I'd need a better example from you, but you can embed a csv record inside a csv field. It starts to get complicated really fast with all the "escaping" that needs to be done with the double-quotes. Such as something like a record containing "Last Name","First Name","Sub-Properties". The Sub-Properties could be embedded data such as sex, age, and height. For example:


Clearly, you can represent tree style data with CSV, but it has more flexibility than you think. Too many people roll their own CSV, because it seems so simple. Then they don't quote and escape quotes properly blaming any issues on garbage data.

Comment check out hipergate (Score 1) 153

You might check into They have some CMS stuff as well as a variety of features. I think they are focused more on a diverse set of tools as opposed to concentrating on the specifics of a single area. How did they put it .. something like trying to be more horizontal than vertical. It has been awhile since I checked into them myself, so my comments could be a little dated.

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