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Comment Re:Not really a problem, IMHO. (Score 1) 87

All that needs to happen is that a few FOSS developers finally get fed up and finally redo all protocols that have gone bad or broken and replace DNS with some Blockchain based namecoin thingie, replacing email and perhaps even web on top of that with some new, fully network abstracted and end-to-end encrypted data exchange layer sans anoying ads and Facebook is history.

2 words:Network effect. Unless enough number of people decide to adopt whatever decentralized solution you describe above (or similar), it will be business as usual. As an example, the Signal app by OpenWhisper Systems provides secure, encrypted voice calls and messaging, but who are you going to call when everyone you know is using Whatsapp or FB Messenger and aren't about to switch away?

Comment Re:Some things shouldn't be software controlled. (Score 1) 168

Years ago, Nokia N-series phones had physical sliders, seen here on the N82 & N95 to cover the camera, and worked as a switch to start the camera when slid open. Nokia's destruction set the mobile industry back by years given how many things we've given up since then in favor of two choices - an overpriced walled garden versus an advertising and tracking happy platform. Yes, I root my Android and install Cyanogen and use adblock, but why do I have to replace the OS at all to get a modicum of privacy?

Comment Lots of wallet solutions in India (Score 1) 206

Like the old joke about standards, there are so many to choose from. None of them depend on NFC however. One worth mentioning is Paytm, which has recently launched QR code based cashless payments, which simply requires you to scan a QR code at the participating vendor outlet to initiate a payment.

Others using these solutions are movie theater chains and online shopping portals like Flipkart. Some of the other solutions are Momoe, Payzapp, Pockets. The last two are owned by 2 of India's largest banks. Momoe partners with restaurants, letting you view your bill in realtime and split it with friends.

Comment Open source stingray detector (Score 1) 95

I've shared this on previous posts about stingray - there is an open source Android app to detect if you're connecting to a fraudulent base station, and take action by instantly disconnecting if desired. I don't know if it works or how well, since I'm in India, but people can use it to see if there are any stingrays deployed nearby.

Comment Re:fickle press does not equal free press (Score 1) 273

I blame people. Facebook and Twitter wouldn't have so much power today if everyone hadn't collectively decided to sign over their online lives to them. Time was when there were separate and popular services for photosharing, blogging, email and chat. Now nobody uses anything but Facebook, and Whatsapp and FB messenger, so good luck trying to find others to use encrypted apps like Signal unless you hang out with security experts.
The new norm is also that everyone should post online using their real identities, hence we have cases like the atheist bloggers being murdered in Bangladesh, or when companies fish around for information on Facebook for screening new hires.

Comment Re:LOL, "Courage"? More like GREED... (Score 1) 761

Apple has given us volume controls on the headphone line - yes, the same tech that people bitch that apple will pull, Apple finally made super useful with volume and logic controls. I go nuts with headphones that don't have these controls - a non-ironic Thanks Apple here.

Holy shit, that's innovative! It's not as though anyone made headphones with media controls on them now after all!

Comment Re:Better tool than a book, yet I love books (Score 1) 140

when I read great book the first thing I want to do is give it to a friend. And you can't

Or else switch to a device that's not locked down in this manner. I use the Kobo Glo - it natively supports EPUB unlike the Kindle, and also has a nice backlight for night reading.

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