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Comment Re:VCR didn't compete against DVD (Score 1) 131

You already paid for the movies once, when you bought them as videotapes. I think you're quite morally if not legally justified in torrenting the movie and saving it as backup. I see it as no different than if you were ripping from a DVD you own, as an alternative to converting from tape, which may not be so good (since it's analog -> digital), plus videotapes are prone to jamming or growing fungus over years of disuse.

Comment Re:Who but Mozilla? (Score 2, Informative) 167

Mozilla is no longer what it used to be - one that placed users first. All they've been doing is dicking around with the UI, and getting rid of all the customizability that attracted people to it in the first place(XUL and XPCOM support is going away - so many popular extensions that modify the interface and add features are going to go away), to make it a pale copy of Chrome. The only browser today that follows the charter of the original Mozilla is Pale Moon, which was forked off Firefox 24 and will continue to support XUL and proper extensions, and provide a full blown desktop UI instead of a dumbed down touchscreen/mobile friendly one.

Comment Re:definitely due to the rise of the populist righ (Score 1) 693

AFAIK, Jews weren't asking for special rules and privileges for themselves that went against existing laws and culture, nor was there anything like the Rotherham rape scandal perpetuated by them, so enough with invoking Godwin already.

Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 135

I wish there was a black list phone app that would block (as in not even trigger the phone circuitry) any phone number I flag, but I'm sure such a thing would ironically (or regulatory captured) be expressly forbidden by said FCC.

Truecaller comes close. It has a crowdsourced blacklist of spammers (both telemarketing calls and bulk SMS senders) and can silently block incoming calls/divert spam SMSes. When you get a spam call, you can mark it as such and it will be added to their global blacklist.

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