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Comment People buy if the price is right (Score 1) 257

I've always pirated movies and TV shows since they're not available in India, but recently Amazon Prime Video launched here - for the equivalent of $7 per year, you get access to their library, plus they've added a whole lot of Bollywood and Indian TV shows to gain popularity, so trying it out was a no brainer.

Comment For those who want context.. (Score 1) 164

Here's a rebuttal to a rebuttal by Indian VC Mahesh Murthy when Facebook tried to introduce its Free Basics here last year. This attempt came just after a backlash against local mobile operator Airtel, who wanted to charge extra for using Whatsapp and Viber since they claimed to be losing money on SMS revenue as a result.

Read this piece to see the FUD that FB has been spreading and how it was countered.

Comment Rather surprised to see this.. (Score 1) 311

In India we've had chipped credit/debit cards for at least 3-4 years now. Every shop and restaurant has a card reader that works with both chip and magstripe, and they give you the machine to enter your pin. Some of them are attached to the cashiers' desk on account of a landline, but many of them use mobile SIM cards, so they just bring the reader over to your table or hand it to you to enter the pin.. On some of them there's a shield over the keypad to conceal your fingers when typing the pin. And for online transactions, Mastercard & VISA both enforce an extra layer of security, either by an OTP sent to your phone (which you presumably have with you while making the online purchase) or by another password known only to you.

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 474

I'm gonna have my brain cryogenically frozen, and be scanned into a brain emulator 200 or so years from now when tech advances.

There is a comic in the Transmetropolitan series by Warren Ellis (#8, I think) titled 'Another cold morning'. It is about exactly this, how the cryo-frozen people from the past wind up as the unwanted homeless of the future society where they're thawed out.

Comment Re:Not really a problem, IMHO. (Score 1) 87

All that needs to happen is that a few FOSS developers finally get fed up and finally redo all protocols that have gone bad or broken and replace DNS with some Blockchain based namecoin thingie, replacing email and perhaps even web on top of that with some new, fully network abstracted and end-to-end encrypted data exchange layer sans anoying ads and Facebook is history.

2 words:Network effect. Unless enough number of people decide to adopt whatever decentralized solution you describe above (or similar), it will be business as usual. As an example, the Signal app by OpenWhisper Systems provides secure, encrypted voice calls and messaging, but who are you going to call when everyone you know is using Whatsapp or FB Messenger and aren't about to switch away?

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