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Comment Re:Over what time interval? (Score 1) 528

I know this is the internet, but wow. You could have just told you disagreed but instead you went the "I'll be an absolute fucking asshole to a stranger because he posted a fact I deem incorrect."

Either your mother messed you up bad or you were massively bullied in school and are still hung up on that and now take it out on some guy in a comment section. Either way, I'd say you should consider talking to someone about it.

Comment Re:Not a surprise, but is it just one ingredient? (Score 1) 422

Carbonation is an acid. The effect on teeth is three-fold. The sugar is bad (Feeds the bacteria). The acid level rise damages teeth directly. The acid level rise is beneficial for the bacteria. The bacteria raise the acid level, and the acid ends up eating the enamel.

Incorrect. COLA is acidic. CO2 in your bloodstream may cause a respiratory or metabolic alkalosis but not from drinking club soda. COLA affects teeth. COLA may contribute to bacterial overgrowth.

Seltzer does none of those things.

Comment Could actually be good (Score 2) 137

This *could* actually be good if they treat it like the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. That movie simply made a Good Pirate film, not really tying it to the ride at all (that being said I recently went to Disney World and it's interesting that they've retcon'd the ride into being all about the Depp films).

I can easily see them making an Indiana Jones-type sci-fi film where there is one small scene involving an alien puzzle that sort-of resembles a Tetris puzzle. The protagonist lines up some block line in Tetris, a door opens and the movie continues. 30 seconds of reference to the game while otherwise being an independent sci-fi film.

Also, that's why I had high hopes for Battleship. It had a competent director and all he had to do was use a decent Navy/boat script - that's all. They weren't confined to any sort of plot at all. Too bad they messed it up (and, to be fair, I have to admit that the climactic scene with the anchor/flipping the boat around was pretty neat).

Comment Re:Periscopes (Score 1) 470

Why has hollywood butchered the reality periscopes in submarines? Answer that and you will have the answer to space battles depiction.

Interesting comment. Please explain to this non-Navy/submarine-ignoramus here...

Comment Re:good (Score 4, Interesting) 364

This is what happened.

When Friends and Big Bang cast members decide to unite for higher paychecks, the executives cave. A few years ago, some of the minor stars on CSI tried to do the same and were canned immediately.

I think they were trying to set a precedent for 2nd/3rd tiet actors/participants in a show that such actions will result in a 100% paycut. I can't totally blame them either.

Comment Re:Old Nintendo Products (Score 1) 702

Do a web search for Gameboy in Iraq. You'll turn up a fully-functioning gameboy that survived mortars(bombs?) hitting a base. The thing is mostly black and has some of the plastic melting, but it still plays tetris and is on display in a museum.

I live in New York City and I can vouch for this. It's in the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center. It's not technically a "museum," but it's in a display case on the 2nd floor with some special/vintage Nintendo products. It is half-melted as ausekills says. They have it auto-playing the original Tetris.

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