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Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 1) 211

They are the ones who a clearly at fault. They are a repeat offender. As a repeat offender the amount is in line with the law. Getty shouldn't have claimed that which they do not own. Think of how much revenue they have collected over the years while infringing on this ladies copyright. The whole system is corrupt and broken and this may shed light on it. More likely it will cause a change in the law where companies such a Getty will receive immunity for their thefts.

Comment Did he have a pen pal? (Score 1) 404

Saying it was the internet is like saying it was over the telephone or a pen pal in the 70's and 80's. Of course it was over the internet but what part. I've seen some articles that say he had a grinder account and was a regular at that club. The clueless noobs they have in charge at the FBI just need fade out and blow away.

Comment Re:Always browse torrent sites with Javascript off (Score 5, Informative) 202

They send tons of emails to us. We contact them to pay to be their process server and they hang up the phone. Piracy is when someone makes copies and sells them. So far no bottom dwelling copyright spammer has agreed to pay for us to deliver their letter. We have never received a single subpoena. They think we have to do it for free here in the land of the fee. Even if one finally did buck up and pay for us to deliver them they would still be handled as a civil suit. Feel free to shill away how wrong I am but I have real world knowledge about how cheap these bottom feeders are.

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