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Comment always questionable (Score 1) 246

Rivers will naturally change course if they are not forced in to their old channels. How this escapes these people is beyond me. I'll grant all of our carbon release may be accelerating the natural heat and cool cycles the earth goes through. The problem is that they keep making claims about events that happen without human intervention for millennia.

Comment Re:Here's three (Score 1) 300

I remember ameritech. When it was consumed by the new AT&T they put a freeze on new orders. I had a order for that day and told them I had called the state public service commission about them not giving me enough warning about the freeze. They sent a guy out to turn the circuit up. Four years later I learn that we had never been billed for it. They did it without putting it in the system. It's not often you get use the rule book on a telco and I cherish the memory.

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