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Comment Re:Remains to be seen (Score 1) 182

What's "objectively fake" about the "American College of Pediatricians"?

Because the are not pediatricians, asshole.

Further, the HPV vaccine only targets a handful of viruses that may be correlated to higher rates of certain types of cancer.

Yeah, that's exactly what it is supposed to do.

Comment Re:Watergate repeat (Score 1) 341

You do realize the Russia thing was an attempt by Obama to cover up his spying on a political opponent's campaign?

No, but I do realize that you are batshit crazy.

Now tell me again, what did Nixon do that people didn't like? I can't seem to find a liberal that can answer that one any more

Lied, cheated, extorted; and was foolish enough to record himself doing so.

Comment Re:Surprised that this wasn't already being done (Score 1) 70

It also doesn't change the fact that comparing an unreliable piece of consumer tech to avionic equipment is simply stupid.

"Unreliable" consumer tracking tech is one fuck of a lot better than no tracking tech, which is what MH370 had.

Airline shills always make up ridiculous arguments to resist spending another $1000 on a 70 million dollar plane.

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