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Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 469

Race itself is considered a social construct, not a biological or genetic one.

By who?
Forensic scientists routinely identify the most likely race of a person based on the skeletal measurements of a corpse.
Here "race" just refers to where in the world the majority of the person's ancient ancestors lived
(Europe, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, etc.). This affects their likely appearance and is an important aid in identifying their remains.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 469

Technically, there are no human 'races', as we can all interbreed.

Interbreeding is irrelevant to the concept of race, which is a statistical concept relating to where in the world the majority of your ancient (>1000 years) lived.
However, it is true that there is no reliable difference between races in terms of intellectual talent.

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