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Submission + - Electronic Arts' Notorious for Bugs?

Renraku writes: After spending several hours straight trying to get Battlefield 2142 to work again to no avail, I have to wonder if everyone else has the same problems with EA Games as I have. I have purchased and played Battlefield 1942, 2, and 2142, as well as Need for Speed Most Wanted, Battle for Middle Earth 2, as well as a few Command and Conquer games.

Most of the time their technical support boards are close to useless. Games stop working or start working seemingly at random. For example, last week my Battlefield 2142 stopped working for no obvious reason. I didn't change settings, change anything about my current version of Windows, and I didn't click on any email attachments. Battlefield 1942 and 2 were similar, and it took days to get Battle for Middle Earth 2 to work properly. And those were on several different system setups and Windows versions.

So I ask, does anyone else have a similar amount of problems with EA Games? And if so, what can the community at large do about it? Voting with your wallet isn't working, as there are plenty of people saying they and their friends have boycotted EA because of their terrible bugs and work ethics. Is it right to expect some kind of compensation if your new game suddenly and completely stops working after two months?

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