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Comment Re:plausible? (Score 4, Informative) 286

I'm not an explosives expert, but maybe someone who is can comment on the plausibility of this? It seems like an ipad or laptop couldn't carry enough explosives to take the plane down.

You don't need to take the plane down, causing enough damage will suffice (think sudden decompression).

That said, I call bullshit on this one. At least here ("Large European City", second airport in the country traffic wise) they always ask you to power on notebooks, tablets and even cameras to verify that they're real. Heck, I even had to turn on my camera and let the man wave his hand in front of it to check that it was actually his own hand showing on the display! ;-)


Comment Re:weird article (Score 1) 55

That's precisely what I said WAS changing, which was my entire point. The phrase "more and more people are born each year" means U *is* changing you dumb fuck!

Well, how could I possibly argue with such fine reasoning? *grin*

Make a fool of yourself in public if you like, but U doesn't automatically increase just because more people are born. Unless you give each of them a Mac as a present, that is. I'm sure babies would love that!

But wait, you're posting as AC, which means you don't even have the balls to make a fool of yourself in public, so I'll stop feeding the trolls.


Comment Re:weird article (Score 1) 55

AC here is being an asshole, but really does have a point. The concrete numbers here do matter, and by the looks of things none of us actually know them.

Fair enough, but jumping conveniently between market share and absolute numbers depending on the point you want to make it's the very definition of "putting a spin on it". Anyway, I just answered to the AC in question and you can take a look if you're interested in my reasoning.


Comment Re:weird article (Score 1) 55

Spin? Name a single untrue thing I said. Do it.

I'm not sure that replying to some AC is the best way to spend my time but, for the sake of the discussion, I'll oblige anyway.

You state that "more and more people are born each year", which is clearly a fact, but then you follow up with "if the market share for mac users stayed exactly the same or even decreased, you're still getting more mac users every year" which makes no sense whatsoever: if there are more people (fact) but less macs are sold (another fact) how can there be more Mac users?

In other words:

P(opulation) : 100 = U(sers) : M(arket share)

Let's be generous and say that M is 10%. Please explain how could you keep M constant when P increases without also increasing U (by selling more Macs) because if you can't it means that "more and more consumers buy Mac computers" is just a blatant lie.


Comment Re:Confused. (Score 1) 59

tbh, it looked like a negative review to me. A reviewer can't actually say too many negative things and get away with it, but the sarcasm was deep here. Basically:

Same tired plot.

Trite, ridiculous characters.

Boring tutorial.

Long, boring, open spaces.

Scenarios that don't make sense (hiding in a barrel, picking apples).

It seems that you stopped reading just before the part that says:

And then there's the new Breath of the Wild (BotW), a Zelda game that throws off this established rhythm so quickly, and with such force, that it practically feels like a whole new genre. In doing so, Breath of the Wild offers a compelling take on a stagnating series, bringing a sense of wonder and excitement back to Zelda that hasn't been felt this strongly since the original NES game.


Comment Re:weird article (Score 1) 55

" brand new" Mac Pro is 1169 days old,

No they are not. The design is old. The hardware is new.

Uh? We could talk about the other things you wrote, and I would even agree with some of them, but you are wrong on this one. This is the very same Mac Pro that has been introduced on December 19, 2013 and is still sold at the same price for the same components: Ivy Bridge E Xeon processors, Dual AMD FirePro GPUs, etc. Note that even the full roundoup from my first link reads:

Chips appropriate for an upgraded Mac Pro have been available since 2014, so it is unclear what Apple is waiting on before introducing a new Mac Pro machine.


Comment Re:weird article (Score 1) 55

Again, this shouldn't NEED to be said, but you really seem to miss it: more and more people are born each year. This is an observable, provable fact. That means that even if the market share for mac users stayed exactly the same or even decreased, you're still getting more mac users every year. Duh, much?

Oh, boy. You sure can spin it with the best of them! Are you working for Apple by chance? If you don't, you should.


Comment Re:weird article (Score 3, Informative) 55

Sales and marketshare have nothing to do with users [...] And the user base for Macs is increasing steadily.

Fair enough, but then according to your reasoning the user base for PCs is also increasing? Fine, but we warned: don't let Phil Schiller hear you talking about keeping "Macs for 5 years and longer" or he will poke fun at you mercilessly. Yes, even when a " brand new" Mac Pro is 1169 days old, a Mac mini is 868 days old, an iMac 506 days old, etc. Talk about double standards!


Comment Re:weird article (Score 3, Informative) 55

More and more consumers? am I missing something? I thought OSX marketshare had nearly halved in the last year or so, after reaching almost 10% it has been in gradual decline ever since.

Yes, this has been discussed has been discussed here not too long ago. For the record, TFA read "Mac sales dropped roughly 10% and personal computers overall dropped 5.7% for the year", so this must be some definition of "more and more" I wasn't previously aware of.


Comment Re:Marketers are idiots (Score 1) 47

Because TFS was written by a marketer, there's no hint of what this magical technology might be good for. Except for the fact that it's Windows 10, which was also written by marketers.

Apparently switching SIMs (typically while traveling abroad) is so much trouble that "they", out of their boundless kindness no doubt, have a "solution" for you: reprogram it remotely so you could switch mobile carriers just by going to the settings page on your smartphone. Me? I'd rather trust my fat fingers than some company or some service that might work as advertised or not, thank you very much.

Incidentally, Apple has been talking about this for a while -- another reason to steer clear of it.


Comment Re:Is this the internet? (Score 1) 53

It is bad to be the loser in this case. Blackberry still has a little bit of product line left, Nokia doesnt even have one left to speak of.

It's about mobile network products, not phones and Nokia is still doing fairly well there, or there would be little reason to sue -- you don't sue someone with no money to pay up, do you?

Even the summary says "The mobile network products and services are provided to companies including T-Mobile and AT&T for their LTE networks", so you're way off-topic here.


Comment Re:Unions (Score 1) 594

They chose to build their factory in Fremont apparently because those are the people they really wish to hire, so it's time to pay them for their apparent specialness.

No, the only reason the factory is in Fremont is because it used to be the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), which closed in 2010 just to reopen a few months later as a 100% Tesla Motors-owned production facility (link to Wikipedia entry is in the summary). Besides, I guess Tesla got the plant for cheap, therefore Musk really has not reason to blame the UAW for "killing" NUMMI -- quite the opposite, in fact!


Comment Re:Go! Government! Go! (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Just what we need - more government telling us what to do with our own damn homes.

Reason 124,151,813,523 Trump won.

What part of "The Macon St. property was discovered to have inadequate fire alarms, sprinklers, illegal subdivisions" you didn't get? Or maybe you missed the "Hank Freid was once crowned one of NYC's "Worst Landlords" by a watchdog group in 2005" part?

Newsflash: it might be your own damn home, but it's likely close to someone else' and, surprise surprise, you can't do as you please with it.


Comment Re:Good though difficult (Score 1) 74

Steam is working around issues where they sell games for next to nothing in dirt poor countries because some money is better than no money. Their troubles are reseller sites buying thousands of copies in Russia or whatever and reselling them to the west. Still half price for the westerner, shady middle man gets 14$ total profit and steam gets a buck instead of 60.

I guess that's "free market" for you -- and them. Except for the fact that the first to praise it are the very first to work against it when it hurts their bottom line. Talk about double standards...


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