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Comment Re:Marketers are idiots (Score 1) 47

Because TFS was written by a marketer, there's no hint of what this magical technology might be good for. Except for the fact that it's Windows 10, which was also written by marketers.

Apparently switching SIMs (typically while traveling abroad) is so much trouble that "they", out of their boundless kindness no doubt, have a "solution" for you: reprogram it remotely so you could switch mobile carriers just by going to the settings page on your smartphone. Me? I'd rather trust my fat fingers than some company or some service that might work as advertised or not, thank you very much.

Incidentally, Apple has been talking about this for a while -- another reason to steer clear of it.


Comment Re:Is this the internet? (Score 1) 53

It is bad to be the loser in this case. Blackberry still has a little bit of product line left, Nokia doesnt even have one left to speak of.

It's about mobile network products, not phones and Nokia is still doing fairly well there, or there would be little reason to sue -- you don't sue someone with no money to pay up, do you?

Even the summary says "The mobile network products and services are provided to companies including T-Mobile and AT&T for their LTE networks", so you're way off-topic here.


Comment Re:Unions (Score 1) 594

They chose to build their factory in Fremont apparently because those are the people they really wish to hire, so it's time to pay them for their apparent specialness.

No, the only reason the factory is in Fremont is because it used to be the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), which closed in 2010 just to reopen a few months later as a 100% Tesla Motors-owned production facility (link to Wikipedia entry is in the summary). Besides, I guess Tesla got the plant for cheap, therefore Musk really has not reason to blame the UAW for "killing" NUMMI -- quite the opposite, in fact!


Comment Re:Go! Government! Go! (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Just what we need - more government telling us what to do with our own damn homes.

Reason 124,151,813,523 Trump won.

What part of "The Macon St. property was discovered to have inadequate fire alarms, sprinklers, illegal subdivisions" you didn't get? Or maybe you missed the "Hank Freid was once crowned one of NYC's "Worst Landlords" by a watchdog group in 2005" part?

Newsflash: it might be your own damn home, but it's likely close to someone else' and, surprise surprise, you can't do as you please with it.


Comment Re:Good though difficult (Score 1) 74

Steam is working around issues where they sell games for next to nothing in dirt poor countries because some money is better than no money. Their troubles are reseller sites buying thousands of copies in Russia or whatever and reselling them to the west. Still half price for the westerner, shady middle man gets 14$ total profit and steam gets a buck instead of 60.

I guess that's "free market" for you -- and them. Except for the fact that the first to praise it are the very first to work against it when it hurts their bottom line. Talk about double standards...


Comment Re:Is it really that bad? (Score 1) 498

I can't imagine that Windows FORCES you to stop your work right there and then, with no way to delay it. Is that really so?

Not really. Contrary to what most people are saying:

1) On Windows 10 HOME your patches are indeed downloaded in the background (unless you're on a metered connection -- or pretending to be on one) but the PC never gets rebooted automatically and you get a notification instead. You could even set up so called Working Hours to make sure that the reboot won't happen -- even if you're not actively using the computer at the time.

2) On Windows 10 Pro you can do even better and use the Policy Editor to get back the old behaviour (i.e., be notified about updates being available, download them if you wish, and so on).

In other words: the situation might not be optimal because downloads in the background might use your bandwidth and the Windows Module Installer Worker take some extra cycles off the CPU, but the article is utter rubbish.


Comment Re:Yes, and maybe (Score 1) 225

So you don't like kittens??

You cruel heartless bastard! We have a term for you all. You are called Ed users.

But... but... "Ed is the standard text editor:" when I use an editor, I don't want eight extra KILOBYTES of worthless help screens and cursor positioning code! I just want an EDitor!! Not a “viitor”. Not a “emacsitor”. Those aren't even WORDS!!!! ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!!!


Comment Re:Exactly! (Score 4, Informative) 285

It was a "free upgrade" to a paid service. Such a deal!

What part of

"The Windows Upgrade to Subscription tool, found in the latest Windows Insider builds, helps to manage certain volume licensing upgrades from Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update to Windows 10 Enterprise. This binary file is not associated with the free consumer upgrade offering nor is it applicable to consumer Windows editions."

Did you miss?

I know, picking on Microsoft is still popular, even rightly so at times, and they might as well be lying or maybe tell the truth now and make a 360 later on, but still...


Comment Re:Flash? (Score 2) 101

Does anything but ads actually use Flash in this day and age? I haven't had it installed for several years!

Let's see... these are just some results using Firefox 41.0.1 on OS X Mavericks:

Spotify: "To enjoy Spotify, please install Adobe Flash. It's free."

Pandora: "In order to use Pandora internet radio, please upgrade to a more current browser or install a newer version of Flash (v.10 or later)."

Hulu: "Hulu requires Flash Player or higher. Please download and install the latest version of Flash Player before continuing."

I'm sure there are plenty more, but just these three are enough to prove that you're dead wrong -- or just trolling. And no, there's no love lost between Flash and me, either.


Comment Re: Still better than that malware Android (Score 1) 169

So no, I was not the one "Deflecting" (the fact that you were trying to pull the wool over my, and all readers-of-your-comment's eyes); that would be, er, you.

Sigh. I'm counting 24 posts from you on this topic. If you're on your little crusade or just get a kick out of defending Apple no matter what, be my guest. I would feel very embarrassed, but hey! whatever rocks your boat.


Comment Re: Still better than that malware Android (Score 1) 169

The very first thing Apple should do is admit that it is, in fact, possible for malware to get past their screening process.

This meme needs to FINALLY be taken out back and SHOT: As I said elsewhere in this thread; I don't think that APPLE has ever said that. Instead, it seems to be almost universally Fandroids that SAY that Apple (or their Users) have said that.

Okay, I'll byte: The safest place to download apps for your Mac is the Mac App Store. Apple reviews each app before it’s accepted by the store

Yes, that's about the Mac App Store. Do you want something about the App Store? No problem: We review all apps submitted to the App Store and Mac App Store to ensure they are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material

It seems as official as it can get, don't you think?


Comment Re:How about 2015 July 15 0000UTC? (Score 1) 283

If you're not using HTML5 by now, you're a fucking dinosaur.

Fair enough, but where are the authoring tools then? Coding everything by hand might be fun for a "look ma, no Flash!" demo, but a full blown application? Not so much. And don't get me started about Google, Apple, etc. pushing their slightly different flavour of HTML5...


Comment Re:WoW? (Score 3, Informative) 277

Fact: I'm older than you are and I was around when Pac-Man was brand new. Nobody but arcade-going nerds played Pac-Man or any video games, really.

That you are older than the OP might even be a fact, but another fact is that a song about a video game that, according to you, "nobody played" peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in March 1982.


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