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Comment Always crying about profit margins... (Score 1) 257

"everyone's been sucked into the whirlpool of razor-thin profit margins"

Bullshit. Phones are quite a profit generator. Companies like OnePlus have proven that. $600 and $700 phones produce at least $200 in revenue over the actual cost of the phone.

That said, it's not just the OEMs that are at fault here. As someone else mentioned, the carriers are quite a problem as well. Take my Verizon Galaxy S4. Verizon has no impetus to doing anything but a carrier unlock. It's got all their crap on it. They also required Samsung to lock the bootloader, and even now that I am no longer a Verizon customer, they (Samsung) will not undo the lock. The phone is in great shape and perfectly viable but not worth selling, and not really usable because it's stuck with Verizon's shit on it. No more updates, no changing Android flavors, nothing. Pretty paper weight. That is what needs to change. When you leave a carrier, if you've paid for the phone, it needs to be unlocked in every possible way.

Comment Old news (Score 1) 77

That muggers/thieves will pick people who slouch and look down/avoid eye contact, has been reported on before, and It's not false. Such posture/behavior telegraphs that you're a target easy for the picking, not likely to fight back. Walking upright, being willing to make eye contact is something people with at least some sense of self worth, etc. do, and make you a much less attractive target.

Comment Re:Completely Agree (Score 2) 342

I used to use NoScript + RequestPolicy myself, but I got tired of having to regex some sites to work, etc. The way websites are now makes it such a monumental hassle. I still use NoScript but I use it along with Privacy Badger. Still pretty good blocking/protection, but not nearly as much regex chicanery like RP required.

Comment On "concentrating on more than just arcade games." (Score 1) 33

"This follows news from earlier this year that the MAME team would be switching to a true Open Source license for the project and concentrating on more than just arcade games."

This somewhat confuses me. M.A.M.E. stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. While the concession stand was part of the arcade (depending on what one you went to), most wouldn't consider those machines "arcade machines." This popcorn machine has a game in it though, so I can see that. I suppose even the redemption games and such might get a pass. So what else would they focus on besides arcade games with the name of the emulator being all about that specifically? Will they start emulating the coin changers? Hot dog rollers? Cotton candy spinner?

Comment Re: Too little, too late (Score 1) 262

To add to this, it's not unlike what was going on when the first Athlons came out. AMD was having a rough time meeting demand for lower speed chips so they started re-badging higher speed chips as the lower. I lucked out and it turned out my 750MHz CPU was actually a 900MHz CPU clocked at 750MHz. Other buyers of proper 750's would have no valid complaint, they got what they paid for.

Comment Re:An idea... (Score 2) 172

Or, you know, stick to the tried and true method of "once it's bought, the seller and author are right the fuck out of the picture, and the owner can do whatever they want with it," as it should be. Seller and author get their cut on the sale, and never again, also as it should be.

Anything else is greedy people trying to cook up greedy schemes in self interest only.

Comment Re:Entirely disingenuous (Score 1) 239

The only mental gymnastics here are the ones you use to avoid the real issue at heart and piss and moan about "those bastard commie pirates that want it all free!!!!11!" and Bethesda trying to legitimize the whole thing because "hey, one dev made more money during that than they ever made on donations!!!" as if a single outlier justifies the whole thing. It smacks of greed.

Here's the reality: The mods developers deserve the majority of the cash. The game developers deserve none of it. They get their cut when people buy the game. They release the tools to make mods as a means to increase the popularity of their game, which in turn drives more sales. They don't deserve a single cent of the mod devs money. I understand Steam/Valve getting a cut, they have their infrastructure to maintain. But in no way was the current system even remotely fair. If you can't get it through your apparently plate steel skull, then I can't help you.

I'm sure there *are* some who simply revolted because "OMG I WANT MAH FREES!!!1" but I doubt they are the majority.

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