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Journal Red4man's Journal: EPIC FAIL: Collateral Damage 2

So Lockwood basically reprints a moonbat blog in his journal, which means it's ripe for trolling with Right Wingnut talking points.

So, I troll with those Right Wingnut talking points.

Lockwood nibbles, but doesn't fully bite. This AC bites, but this AC sniffs me out.

So what do I do? Well, I admit it and think my fun is over.

But it's only just begun: Check this gem out, posted a full 14 and a half HOURS AFTER I ADMIT I WAS TROLLING!

So, I mocked him for it.

The great thing is, every time I expose damn_registrars as an idiot, he quits posting for a few days, thereby increasing the overall intelligence of slashdot posts.

damn_registrars, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on The Price is Troll!

I knew the guy was a moron, but I had no idea my little troll bait post would be so overwhelmingly successful. I mean, look at the length of that post - and the listing, and the formatting... he not only jumped into the quicksand, he did so AFTER there was a sign posted that said "DANGER: QUICKSAND".


Hey damn_registrars: Comments enabled, cutie pie - in case you want to send over one of your sockpuppets.
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EPIC FAIL: Collateral Damage

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