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Journal Red Warrior's Journal: I was wrong, I admit it. The critics were right... 12

No, the french are still a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkies.

However, they HAVE contributed troops to at least one NATO operation, and I'm a big enough man to admit it.

Oh, and the critics were right. Chicago is actually a very good movie. Despite being a musical. I'm glad that it was a legit copy. Lacking all the color/depth, it would have been a farce. CZJ is the shizzle. I don't get what people see in Renee (cheese-eating punctuation left off) Zellweger though. Too skinny.

And for a different perspective on Iraq...check out the "Danger Forward" magazine[1]

[1]Yes, I get the Irony. No, I wouldn't have picked that name. Like much in the Army, my views were not solicited.

For those engaged in the great "troop strength debate of '04", recommend googling on "Blue Force Tracker" and "Network Centric Warfare" in addition to "Counter Insurgency Operations". And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

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I was wrong, I admit it. The critics were right...

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  • Chicago was overrated crap. ;)
  • by HBI ( 604924 )
    You do realize they are not members of NATO, right?
    • I thought I realized that they were members on the policy commitee that gets to decide on the employment of NATO troops, but not a military member. I still think that's true. However, I was presented with solid evidence [state.gov] that they did indeed provide some troops to NATO. It surprises me. But, hey, you need pastry chefs everywhere, I guess.
  • The French have (at least, had) a very interesting - and very French - military relationship with NATO. You see, they are surrounded on all sides by NATO countries. There's no way to get to France without going through one of those countries. So what did the Frenchies do? Why, they withdrew their military fron NATO (while retaining diplomatic ties) knowing that, as usual, they could rely on other countries to do their fighting for them, if a war ever did break out.
    • Simple solution - have NATO invade France.
      • I don't believe I have ever agreed with a thing you have typed before.

        This is a simpley amazing journal entry bring out the best of all of us.
      • Simple solution - have NATO invade France.

        Yeah, but what'll we do the weekend after that?
        • Hmm... Antartica?
        • Yeah, but what'll we do the weekend after that?

          Take a hint from the Romans and transport the entire French Population (except for the wine and cheese-makers (Word is, they'll inherit the earth)) to Iraq or Afghanistan, or Hell's Kitchen. Oh, and change the name of France to South Belgium.
  • give a colloquium on Friday. Fascinating stuff. He was the commander who ended up netting Saddam Hussein. Of course the interesting part was the 45 minutes leading up to that in his presentation where he brought out the statistics of IEDs and incidents and their relationship to changing tactics on the part of both the Coalition and the insurgents. Stuff like changing the currency or cleaning the streets.

    He also demonstrated a keen understanding of the insurgents that escapes a lot of pundits: that bec
  • and I don't like musicals. Renee is usually much cuter. She dropped a lot of weight doing that movie, perhaps from literally dancing her ass off all day. She's known for gaining or losing however much weight she needs to for her roles. Check her out in Love and a .45 some time.

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