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Journal Red Warrior's Journal: Boom 5

So, I'm helping my son with his math homework. I hear a boom. Walk out my front door, into my yard. I see 4 cop cars, with a fifth pulling up down at the end of my street. Elapsed time from boom about 20 seconds. My neighbors on either side also come out to prairie dog. Female part of the old couple asks me if it sounded like a gunshot to me. I said yes. In point of fact, it sounded like a shotgun blast, but why quibble? HD (the male half of the old couple) comes out and asks me what I did this time? Anyway, the cops in view are standing around w/o guns drawn, so I make a minute or so of small talk with said neighbors. Find out that there used to be a drug house down at the end of the street (4-5 years back) - But I think the cops were there for the apartments at the end of the street, and I don't think it was drug related (Cops like to do the whole SWAT routine for that, IME) - probably domestic. Since the cops don't appear nervous, I decide I'm not either. Head back in and go back to helping my son with aforementioned homework. When I glance back outside a few minutes later, all the cops are gone, and life is back to normal.

I may have to read the daily zero tomorrow.

QOTD: "They're not people, they're hippies!" E. Cartman

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  • We demand linkage.

    And a shrubbery.

    Ok, so since you got back from sand camp you have been in an auto accident and now there is gunfire near your house. I'm not saying that going back might be safer, mind you, it's just that it hasn't appeared to be too safe around here lately.

    Could be worse, though. Right after 9/11 our neighbor's house was bombed. She picked up a package that was left on her doorstep (by someone she knew we found out later). Lost a hand (and IIRC her career as a nurse as well) due
  • I don't catch South Park much anymore but with a title like "Die Hippy Die" I had to check it out.
  • Are you in Tacoma? Just currious as I am heading out to Seattle / Tacoma for 10 days to hang out with a friend (though mostly we will be out of civilization backpacking).

    • More or less. I'm in Lacey, which is about 20 mi. south of Tacoma. I'll IM you tonight & see if we can arrange a meetup.
      • I'll be farting around on Friday because the guy I am staying with is working Friday and I get in on Thursday night. I may try and "see what is out there"...... possibly take a ferry to Vancover Island or something, so if you have any ideas about what I shoud lsee let me know.

        The rest of our trip will be spent backpacking near Olympia / Ho rain forest area... or if there is a wet spell of weather, kayaking / sailing. Then I take Amtrak on the 11th down to Eugene to see another friend for a bit and return

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