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Journal Real World Stuff's Journal: Where do you live? 148

For U.S.A., states are fine. Canadians are free to offer province. The rest, whatever you feel is most suitable. Plain curiosty that complements my weather fetish :)

EDIT: I would like to compile a map with all the responses. I believe this journal entry will only garner about 100 replies. Please write a journal entry regarding this project. Give this beast legs.

Me? Fullerton, Orange County, California.
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Where do you live?

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  • Ontario. Born and raised in Alberta, since then I've also lived for various lengths of time in BC, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.
  • But, I am from Pendleton, Indiana. I moved out here in Nov '99.
  • As you may know already.
  • Nice town, lots of tech stuff. Great university. Music, food, alcohol. Outdoors lifestyle. Very mild winters. Can't complain.
  • Home of the "My word! It's gonna be 30 degrees out tonight, better raid the grocery store"

    Originally from New Mexico. 6800' in altitude, for those that thing NM is flat and desert.
    • Heh...my all time *favorite* news story was down in ATL...I think it was 2000 that they had a real[1] ice storm that knocked power out for 4 days.

      The news crew was sitting on the top end, 285 (west, I think) talking to a man who had just driven his truck right off the road. And I quote [insert Southern accent here]:

      "We were headin' down to the grocery store to grab some milk and bread when I saw this great big ol' patch of ice on the road. I slammed on the breaks an' off the road I went!!"
      I laughed so hard I cried, noted the next story on the 100 car pileup in Spaghetti Junction, and felt really sorry for all four snowplow drivers.

      [1] For all you Northerners - this was a legit ice storm. 1 inch thick ice on the trees. Not atrocious, but consider the fact that tree-trimming is not a budget item south of the Mason Dixon line, and you can imagine the catastrophe.

      • I've seen ice storms like that when I was living down in Eugene, OR and again when I was staying in Portland, OR. Kind of freaky the first time you wake up and everything (including streets) is covered in 1 inch of ice.

        For whatever reason we don't get ice storms in the Seattle area very often, we do get windstorms so the power companies like to keep the trees trimed.
  • Well, Cambridge, which is not technically Boston - but it has a chunk of the subway so it's close enough.

    Being a Long Island/Jersey Girl, I think I'm forever fated to live in the Northeast. The middle of Pennsylvania was too, well, middle. Atlanta was too Southern, DC was too swampy... Palo Alto is the only place that's given the East Coast a run for its money...

    But it doesn't snow there.

    • So... hard.. to not... make fun... of jersey...

      In other words, I'm a New Yorker. Born in Manhattan, spent the bulk of my life living in Brooklyn. And in a few months I'm probably moving back to Manhattan. Yea for $2000/month rents. @$*&!^# hell.

    • Me too (Cambridge aka Boston), though I grew up in NH.

      Now what was that remark about it doesn't snow here?

  • I used to have an apartment in downtown Los Angeles, but got out of there as soon as my lease was up. It served its purpose at the time. But that time came to a close and I now call Pasadena home.
  • Middletown PA 17057

  • Yeah, it's cold, and it's not fun :(

  • About 40 miles north-northwest from London.

    Contrary to popular myth spread by certain British travellers to impress gullible Americans, I don't know the Queen, or indeed any member of the Royal Family, nor do I live near Buckingham Palace. :)
  • It's snowing outside right now... should stop before midnight...

  • York, PA 17403
  • Passaic County, which is North Jersey for those not familiar with the area. I was born in Northeast Florida, but couldn't stand the weather or the rednecks.
  • Brooklyn, NYC, NY, 11214

    Yes, Brooklyn is infact, part of nyc, just like manhattan. :)

    It's snowin', but we just keep goin'... or something. :)
  • Home of the sorta liked but rarely successful Kansas City Royals. Yep.
  • And I've been summering in beautiful Houston, TX. Of course now I've gotta get a job so who knows where I'll be in 6 months?
  • Actually, La Jolla, CA. Enjoying the 67 degree weather, but it gets so cold at night - sometimes into the 40's! Originally from Sunnyvale, CA (sort of).
  • Or Apple Valley, MN, depending on the month of the year.

    And still scarcely an inch of snow! Grrr... When is my winter coming?
    • only ~5-10 minutes from the mall of america then huh?
      (used to live in apple valley)
      and living in fargo, nd I know what you mean about the lack of snow... we got a little in october, then none until just the past week or so.
  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA, but with my promotion, I'm gonna have to start working in Philly, so I'll be moving closer to there, possibly to Jersey or Deleware.
  • Home of the first sniper shots and 6-10 inches of snow (damn, I shoveled a LOT today...)

    Originally from Rockland County, NY. Moved south cuz I thought there was less crime and better weather. WTF?!
  • I've lived in Ohio all my life, except for the 6 mo. shot at NYC.
    Apartments are cheaper here.
    I kind of wish it was Philly for this journal, so I could do the Fresh Prince song as the sig.

    Yo homes smell ya later.
  • There can be only one (and aren't we glad).
    I'm right here in Manhattan. Before that, Astoria, Queens (much good food, low rents, trees, and walking distance to water in three directions), before that Milwaukee, WI, which was after Portland OR, which was after Pittsburgh, PA, after growing up in Manhattan, after a few years of random NYC locations (very broke single mother) after being born in Panama (well, actually *born* in the canal zone, but parents were living in Panama so was there by the time I was 36 hrs old).
    Hope to soon be spending more and more time in Vermont.
    And yes, that *was* the short form. Fill in about a year in various parts of Cali, and significant time in Baltimore and DC.
  • Cat got your tongue? (something important seems to be missing from your comment ... like the body or the subject!)
  • This is my hood. [mapquest.com] Los Angeles, CA (Los Feliz).
  • Go to sleep it's a tobacco farm, wake up and it's another fsking suburb of Washington DC.
  • Toledo, OH - about 1 mile from Michigan. But I'm still a buckeye fan :) Been here about 8 years. We have about 4-6 inches on the ground right now.

    Before Toledo I was in Pickerington OH, before that I was in Guam, before that Shreveport Lousiana, before that Dayton OH, before that Oscoda Michigan, before that Atlanta GA (where I was born). I think I got most of them...

    • Cincinnati, OH, about 1 mile from KY.

      Before cincy, was in Pickerinton OH (yeah, I know glh personally), Evansville IN, St Louis MO, and Pittsburgh PA.
  • NFS
    Also a transplant from many places.
  • more accurately, I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but no one should have to know towns like Exton, Phoenixville, or Frazer.
  • But I tell everyone "New York" because only Yo La Tango and Frank Sinatra fans know where Hoboken is (this includes many New Yorkers). :)
    • Of course I know where Hoboken is. It's where we sent the yuppies who were overflowing from Chelsea and the East Village.
      Actually I'm just bitter. Back before the yuppies took over I used to spend quite a bit of time there. I miss the four dollar movies, the once great selection at MadHous, the once-funky antique stores (including the only place in the NY area with a decent selection of Czech 30's pottery). Even the transcendantly greasy but very cheap diner that used to be two blocks from the PATH station (Com2Kid would have loved it).
      Don't even get me started on the death of the one dollar PATH fare.
    • Lotsa people know where Hoboken is -- it's where you park to get on the PATH. :) I love Hoboken though -- I think it's cute.

      I've got a co-worker up here who happens to be a Yo La Tengo fan. He attempted to pronounce Hoboken...

  • Born in Lincoln, KY, moved to CC, went to college Lexington, KY, back to CC post graduation.
  • Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana
    Come to the hot dog festival! [accs.net]
  • About a mile from GMU and Old Towne Fairfax.
  • from Salt Lake City to Boston. and it is colder in Boston by far.
  • Spent time in Orange County, Reno, and a small town in Montana, but San Diego is home.
  • Newport Beach, CA USA
  • Full of beer, cold and all things Packers.
    • Lets hear it for a Packers vs Raiders [superbowl.com] Superbowl...
      1968 rematch.
    • Not to mention a morbid obsession with Laverne&Shirley. How a city with both scads of early Frank Lloyd W. *and* Harley Davidson can still care about a Happy Days spinoff was always beyond me.
      But I've got to say nice stuff about their bookstores since G.W. Schwartz just agreed to carry my posters. (musta been my pitch that the UWM students needed more distraction).
      But the important question is how is the American Science and Surplus store doing these days? I miss it a lot. (yeah, I know, next time aim more carefully)

  • lived in dublin, oh most of my life. was born in chicago, il. also lived in northbrook, il for a couple years before moving out to oh.

    there you have it.
  • I work in Gettysburg, PA, which is where I read the most /. .

    Sean D.
  • the centre of the universe ^_~
    • I was just there. Why do people keep denegrating themselves and their city by referring to it as "little New York?" New York is home to oppressive police, high crime, filth, and general wretchedness.

      Toronto is home to somewhat friendly Canadians.

      There's no personality in Toronto. It's faceless, blase, and bland. Winnipeg and Vancouver at least have an excellent assortment of potato chips, Kokanee, and some genuine personality.

      Public transportation is far too expensive, unless one travels long distances and gets a transfer. It's an okay place, but I'm eyeballing Calgary for the next expedition.

      • Who the heck did you talk to that referred to Toronto as 'little New York'? I though it was mostly the press trying to attract tourists who used that phrase... as for my personal opinion, TO is what it is and can't really be compared with any metropolis in the US

        Toronto is home to somewhat friendly Canadians.

        Try us again in the summer. A lot of Torontonians seems to be constantly surprised by the fact that we're in Canada and, yes, it does get very cold very quickly. I personally love winter, so this weather kicks ass. Did you get to see any of the snow while you were visiting? The less said about when Mayor Mel called in the army the better. The rest of Canada still laughs at us for that one (I got to see that first hand when I lived in the Maritimes. I wound up having to introduce myself, "Hi, I'm from Toronto but please don't hold that against me")

        There's no personality in Toronto. It's faceless, blase, and bland. Winnipeg and Vancouver at least have an excellent assortment of potato chips, Kokanee, and some genuine personality.

        That was just plain harsh. I contest that you had a lousy guide or were in a rush. Ignore the faceless corporate towers, walk up Queen, Yonge or Spadina and see the style = ) I do have to submit that Steamwhistle Beer (the only TO brewery that I'm aware of) ain't that great.

        Public transportation is far too expensive, unless one travels long distances and gets a transfer.

        The TTC is in shambles; I have no idea how they are going to fix it. I have a car so it doesn't affect me as much, but I know it's holding the city back.

        It's an okay place, but I'm eyeballing Calgary for the next expedition.

        Okay? Just okay?!? Should you ever come back I think that I will personally have to escort you around town to see that it is more than 'okay'. Calgary is a neat place too though, my Mom was born there and I hope to visit one day. I do love Toronto (I also lived all around southern Ontario and in the Maritimes) and I know it has it's problems, but I think once we dump most of the council that's been bleeding us dry since amalgamation, things will start looking a lot better.

        Whew, I kinda ranted through that. . . guess that there's still some pride left in TO ^_~
    • Ask them to pronounce it. If they say to-ron-toe they're a poser, it's pronounced tron-no.
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (That's about 5 hours from Puerto Vallarta, which may be more familiar to US people). Currently working for IBM. I will spend the Christmas week visiting my father in Chicago.

    Here's an idea: I've seen that quite a few /. geeks live in the Illinois area. It would be great if we could get together one day, maybe have a cup of coffee / beer. Might be interesting to associate real faces with the nicks =). If anyone is interested, reply or email me.

  • Or, for those of yinz who speak the language, [pittsburghese.com] Picksburgh.

  • But I'm from South Carolina, and lived in Georgia half my life.

  • My address is more like a wave function than a particle. The highest probibility density is somewhere in the south western deserts of the US (AZ/NM), but with proper instrumentation and a long enough data window you could detect me almost anywhere.

    -- MarkusQ

    P.S. That said, I've come to realize that having kids is a great way to collapse a wave function. And the concominant lack of sleep serves to collapse everything else.

  • Yep. Well, technically, I only _live_ here.
  • Turku, [turku.fi] Finland. [finland.fi]
  • Portland metro area, Tigard is the actual city.
  • but I grew up in South Jersey - and technically still live there (I'm a student).
  • Good luck finding it on the map... Not easy ;-)
  • must...get...out...
  • in the lovely Western Addition, and walking distance to a special Friend/Fan!
  • Hagerstown, MD - about 60 miles west of baltimore
  • I am currently living in Cupertino, CA (home of Apple, I am an intern there until April) but I come from Norwood, OH (a city totally surrounded by Cincinnati).
  • And I'm with the mad Russian Paulie tried to whack.
  • Which is actually a bit of a high-tech hotbed, although a lot of people don't even realize New Mexico is a state! UNM is one of the top 50 engineering schools(also ranks very high in law and medicine), we have two national labs(Sandia and Los Alamos) and Intel's largest plant is here as well.

    Microsoft was founded here in Albuquerque, in case you didn't know. Paul Allen is building some sort of digital museum here.

    If I sound defensive about my state, its because I am a little bit. NM also is one of the worst states in any conceivable yardstick such as education, poverty, crime etc. Albuquerque is pretty cool, but much of New Mexico is small towns littered with trailer parks, mired in poverty. We have a really bad gang/drug/prostitution problem in Albuquerque, so bad that you often see hoodlums cruising around in the nicer parts of town.

    I wouldn't recommend it unless you had a good job. But if you do have a good job here you can live like a king!

    • I've heard interesting stuff about the loose NM approach to zoning. Things like there being a huge community of people doing earth berm and other "weird" techniques (mostly around Santa Fe) because in NM it's flat out legal. Have you heard anything about this and if so, what do you think about it?
  • a place that almost never gets hail, Fremont California. (15 miles north-east of San Jose)
  • British Columbia Vancouver, not your weak imitation Washington Vancouver :-).
  • Given the current terrorist situation I probably shouldn't have told you that :P
  • NW suburbs. Not a bad place to live, though I'd much rather live in downtown Chicago (probably the most beautiful and awe-inspiring downtown of any city in the USA)
  • Out of Washington, DC. I lived in DC for the first 18 years of my life and decided that if I was going to work somewhere, it would not be there. Screw the beltway commute, buddy!

    As it is, Blacksburg is becoming NoVa (south). There are more people here from outside of town due to the fact that this is the home of Virginia Tech, and there are quite a few people here from the DC area.

    It's a nice town, but it's getting to be kinda congested. Not to mention it's REAL easy to get skrogged in the Winter unless you have 4WD. I need to a vehicle with that. Soon.

    Tripping Billies in 8" of snow, baby!

  • I figure that since it's easier for people to find others in their area by subject, I'll create one for my hometown. I currently live in Blacksburg, VA [slashdot.org].

    It's nice here.

    When it is not Winter.

    Hope you folks at home managed to dig yourselves out of the snow pile. ;)

  • Yes, sorta off in BFE.
  • Right down the street from Raleigh.

    But of as much interest to me as where the posters are from is how they found the article. I just happened to look at recent journal entries by fans of CleverNickName (Wil Wheaton), and found one that mentioned this entry, and I thought I'd post. But how did everyone else stumble on it?

  • Subject says it all.
  • Burien (right by Seattle... most people think it is Seattle... but it's not). Born in Cali... spent the first 18 years of my pathetic being there... then I moved to Aberdeen, SD for 5 years, then back to Cali for two months, and then up here where I hope to stay. Oh, Calistoga was the city/town/village in California.
  • I live in Raleigh, NC, but I've been all over. My Dad was in the Air Force, and even since I've moved out I've been quite a few places.

    (Born) CA, NE, CA, VA, FL, South Korea, AL, WY, CO, AL, MT, WY, CO, WY, (Currently) NC

  • Yup in the good wine-pasta country of Italy, about one hour north of Venice, in the Friuli area.
  • Ok I'm actually in Kenmore, WA a suburb but moving back into town as soon as I can.

    Born in Olympia, WA, mostly grew up there. Moved to Seattle when I was 19. Spent 1yr in Eugene, OR as a kid, a summer in LA when I was 18, and a winter in PDX (Portland, OR) when I was 24.

    The gray rainy weather is getting on my nerves this year. You'd think I'd be used to it by now.
  • It's small, its pretty, its got a neat lake, its 45 minutes north of Victoria.
  • Hogtown, the Big Smoke. And Montreal for a years in the late 90's.
  • 30 mins walk from Big Ben. And I did walk it, once!

    Shortly moving to Maidstone in Kent for a new pen-testing gig.

  • Live in Hong Kong

  • Euclid, Ohio actually. Borders Cleveland on the east. Cuyahoga county. Right there on Lake Erie.

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