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Comment Re:Honestly? (Score 1) 1880

It's not just SSH, it's also a scriptable serial terminal with total control over how fast things get pasted in. You learn to appreciate it when you're deploying a building's worth of switches and you've got your character send delay timed just right.

Comment Honestly? (Score 0) 1880

It might sound funny, but in my day to day work?

SecureCRT, SecureFX, Wireshark...then there's Photoshop and all of the games that I buy from Steam and never play because I have kids...

I'm far too set in my ways, and I've never found anything equal to SecureCRT on any other platform.

Comment Re:None so Blind as Those Who Will Not See (Score 1) 375

I honestly never thought I'd say something positive about Philadelphia, but since moving here I've found one thing:

WMMR. It's online at and they're just awesome. They're a rock station, and recently they've started to play a few more recent bands since Clearchannel killed off the only top 40 rock station in the area a few years ago but still stick mostly to classic rock and hard rock. Their sister station WMGK has more of a classic rock program. All live DJs all the time. Love 'em.

They also have a streaming app for Android and I believe a counterpart for the iPhone. Doesn't matter where you are, you can get WMMR.

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