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Submission + - RH Enterprise Virutalization requires Windows (

Rasputin writes: Red Hat says that their Enterprise Virtualization product requires a Windows server. I've heard that they're porting the tools to Linux, but that begs the question of why the Windows garbage was needed in the first place.

"Management server requires x86 server running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit. Windows Server 2003 and 32 bit not supported."

Comment Re:Some Judges need to lay the smack down. (Score 3, Interesting) 285

"Deliberate illegal acts should lead to jail time. Law enforcement officers are not above the law."

Yeah, the problem is Barack Obama chose not to pursue the crimes of the Bush Administration. He believed that doing so would cause a Republican backlash. It is an understandable strategy, but leaves no room for JUSTICE. It also hasn't prompted the right-wingers to cut him any slack.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 5, Informative) 1172

"No, but you do have to admit that this is pretty much the first time a president or administration or party in power has overtly dismissed an entire news network, and actually spoken ill specifically of them"

Nope. In the 2004 election the Bush campaign faxed out dossiers attacking specific reporters and, even, whole news organizations. Bush was also the President who apologetically called a reporter a "major league asshole" on national TV.

Comment Re:we care (Score 1) 230

I own my phone. It is my business phone. My phone is a line item under assets under Rasputin Inc. Are you now saying that Apple should be able to dictate to a company what software they can and can not run on their property?

Comment Re:Or you could tell people not to bring their lap (Score 1) 179

Yes. A lot of the teams I worked with at HAL were spread across the country. So, meetings were almost almost always held via conference call.

And, you're right, they definitely do not use note blocker in-house. I remember a call with the security goons (aka the IES Committee) where it became obvious that the members were holding the real meeting via Sametime. Long pause... clickty click click click... "No, your lab systems are still considered servers. Permission denied."

I'm sure my off-shore replacement will have much the same problem.

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