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Comment Version Fatigue. (Score 4, Insightful) 388

Everyone (Many people) are suffering from some kind of version fatigue. It's as simple as that. Owning any software run device these days is like having someone come and and re-arrange all the furniture in your house every week. The novelty might seem nice at first, but after a while, any change that you don't specifically want becomes irritating.

Comment Pining for the Good Ol' days (Score 1) 467

I have not played this game, and I'm unlikely ever to do so. In fact, I didn't even know about it until I followed the links from this article. Yes, my rock is very big.

However, looking at the videos of all the concepts this game tried to create, randomly generated worlds to explore, gather resourses, aliens and factions, I was hit with a great thought, born of nostalgia. If you were to take this game engine, and add the plot, aliens, etc from Starflight (1 & 2.) this would probably be the most awesome game ever.

Sadly, it seems that is unlikely to happen.

Comment Re: Storage (Score 3, Insightful) 123

That's the thing.. it's a solved problem,, has been a solved problem for over a decade. If only the big cloud players (MS, Google, Yahoo) got off their behiends and implemented encrypted e-mail that's relatively easy for people to use, that would be a *great* step in the problems being addressed here. Instead, they have to start re-inventing the whole transport protocol, while leaving the goldmine of data storage in the same sad 1980's shape.

Comment Re:From the Article... (Score 1) 226

This is the first time I've found someone suggesting discard as the first choice over fstrim. The reasons to use fstrim is stated right in that article. Performance bottlenecks when there are file delete opperations. (And no real benefit to trimming on the fly vs trimming in a batch process.) However, while I usually have nothing against debaing my betters and making a spectacular fool of myself, I'm not going to go out of my way to contractict the Arch Linux documentation.

Comment From the Article... (Score 1) 226

It also looks like if dropping the discard mount option you will also avoid being hit by this serious issue.

There's very little good reason to use 'discard' on Linux, and many reasons not to. (This isn't the first data corruption problem, and there are several performance issues as well.) Fstrim in a con job is the way to go.

Comment What Bothers me Most (Score 5, Interesting) 121

Isn't that Copyright protection was extended. That's bad enough, buit is in good company of poorly thought out laws that burocracies and governments have to live with.

What really bothers me is the Canadian government following the Amerian example of sneaking new laws in completely unrelated bills. A change to the copyright act should have been made in a bill ammeding the copyright act. How can a legal system possibly be sutainable when you have to start looking at annual budget bills of some obscure decade to figure out the copyright statues currently in place?? This practice serves no purprose, other than as a trick for governments to sneak in legal statues they would otherwise not legally be able to do due to opposition, either legislative or public.

Comment Copyright extensions are pure scams (Score 5, Insightful) 309

Whether or not a longer copyright term will help promote the arts are encouraging more investment in art production is debatable. I have a strong oppinion, but so do many others with the opposite.

However, there is no theory whatesoever that retroactively extending copyright terms does anything to promote the creation of new art/culture (recall, the whole point of government granted copyright monopoly in the first place.) In fact, there is strong evidence that works still under long copyright are supressed until they become public domain.

I think we can conclude that any politicians singing on to retroactively extend copyright terms are clearly corrupt.

Comment I'm actually rooting for Adblock plus on this issu (Score 1) 619

For those complaining about Adblock plus selling out... Have you actually looked at the requirements for Ad's that adblock will allow (even paid for?). Personally, I'm in full support of Adblock Plus campaign to pressure ad companies into returning to non-intrusive and non-annoying ads. Advertising *can* be a positive thing if the money helps sponsor content on web pages *and* potentialy provides useful information to people who might benefit from learning about a product or service.

Google used to be on the forfront of promising a clean and non-annoying ad network. They built their whole search engine reputation on it. Unfortunately, they since sold out and became the biggest pedler and annoying ads currently in business. A firm hand is needed to bring the entire ad industry to heel and hold them to a standard that will control public annoyance and malware both. If Adblock Plus can achieve this, while getting paid for their own work in the process, all the power to them. I think Firefox should partner with Adblock Plus to include the plugin by default with new installs, while getting a cut of the sponsered acceptibe ads.

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