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Comment Re:"persuadable voters" (Score 1) 85

I read the phrase "think that over" as meaning you disagree with the quoted text. However, your link does not contradicting that statement, unless you also believe Clinton employed less rhetoric during the campaign. Wikipedia defines rhetoric as "the art of discourse, wherein a writer or speaker strives to inform, persuade or motivate particular audiences in specific situations". Even if we use the less formal definition ("excessively flowery or emotional, often meaningless, speech") can you truly say Clinton employed fewer such devices?

I find such assertions ridiculous; the politician's primary job is to be persuasive, and the most effective tools to do so are the subtle, often trite, phrases which hook into their audience's existing biases. Someone arguing that a slogan, whether "Stronger Together" or MAGA, is not an attempt to persuade tells me more about their bias than it does the politician using it.

Comment Re: "abusive" or "low-quality" stuff (Score 1) 340

"They have no problem with censorship, as long as they're the ones doing the censoring."

You know how email has such a problem with censorship? Oh, wait, it's an interoperable protocol, not a platform.

You should have your choice of censorship - but until there's federated social networking you won't have freedom of expression (unless you happen to get lucky).

Comment A bad sign for Oracle futures? (Score 4, Interesting) 155

The story at the time was that Oracle only paid so much for Sun because it thought that by hammering on Google for Android with Java licensing claims it could force Google into a patent cross-licensing deal for its distributed database patents, which Oracle needed to scale.

Does this mean, then, that Oracle is still having trouble scaling? It suggests to me that Oracle would be a bad choice at this point for web-scale development. I honestly would have predicted that they would have their own solutions in place by now.

Comment Re:BS detector went off and is overheating (Score 1) 309

My question would be, just how high can you get before you miss a whole number?

Infinity (or whatever arbitrary limit of single-arity operations might be applied). I know it's considered gauche around here to read the source article, much less a video, but it gives the formula and process which allows any integer to be reached.

With "sqrt()" being the square root function:
The log base sqrt(4)/4 of [log base 4 of sqrt(4)] = 1.
The log base sqrt(4)/4 of [log base 4 of sqrt(sqrt(4))] = 2.
The log base sqrt(4)/4 of [log base 4 of sqrt(sqrt(sqrt(4)))] = 3.

The number of times the square root function has been applied in the inner logarithm, is the integer which results from the formula. Therefore, you can create any positive whole number with four fours (and an indefinite number of operations).

Comment Re:Completely unfocused (Score 1) 319

You actually thought you could make a dent in mobile OSes when even Microsoft couldn't?

Right. Microsoft will tenaciously support something for a decade even if it's a flop. They need to do this to attract any developers in the first place.

Five years ago, I thought that the idea sounded interesting, but Mozilla's lack of being able to commit to anything was a red flag for me. I suppose this was true for most hardware vendors, and they never pledged any kind of long-term support, so it was doomed from the beginning.

The bigger problem is that MoFo is paying people half a million dollars a year for "leadership" and they don't even get such basic concepts. Good luck convincing smart people to go work in a corporate culture of intolerance, though. Maybe they can get some smart consultants though, if caring about the original MoFo vision and cash-on-the-barrel are the only requirements.

Comment They'll Go Underground (Score 3, Interesting) 899

If they think these people will go away, they're mistaken. Perhaps they feel they don't want to enable them by using Reddit's resources to organize, but, really, they were doing a huge service to the rest of society by keeping these posts out in the open where everybody can see them.

You can drive them all to locked sites on .onion services, but that is not in the public interest.

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