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Journal Journal: Friend/Foe cleanup

I've been off of /. for a while now, so I decided I'd clean up my friend/foe listings. If you're wondering why you were my friend/foe and aren't now, now you know.

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Journal Journal: Mod Points

I've gotten my first mod points this week. The first set was on Sunday and then I got a SECOND set yesterday. I certainly wasn't expecting them with that kind of frequency. I wonder if this is just a fluke or if it'll stay consistent. Either way, I think all my mods were in the +1 direction, if I recall correctly. The people that generally deserve the -1 mods tend to have already been modded when I see them.

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Journal Journal: Metamoderation

Woohoo! I just wanted to document that I'm now able to metamoderate, which is exciting for me. That is all.


Journal Journal: Firefox /. Rendering Bugfix via Adblock 14

UPDATE (10/25/2004): The bug is evidentally going to be fixed for Firefox 1.1. More information is available at the bugzilla URL mentioned in the comments.

Okay, I've only had this going for about two days, but so far it seems to be working, and I usually have to reload/reflow /. a couple of times during the day, so I'm assuming this works. If it doesn't work for you, reply and let me know.

Anyway, as most/all Firefox users know, /. doesn't always render as the authors intend when viewed in Firefox. I used the DOM inspector to try to trace the problem to its source, and based on that and a comment I saw someone else make, I believe it's due to an "empty" 1x1 GIF image that's used as a spacer at the bottom of the lefthand column. Firefox appears to render that image with a different width than called for and that screws up the column widths in the table (in the table in the table...; good lord, we need to shove CSS down these guys' throats! :).

Anyway, here's what I did to fix it, and since then, I haven't had any formatting problems:

  1. Get adblock either from their official site or from Mozilla Update
  2. Restart Firefox to install the extension
  3. Go to Slashdot
  4. Click on Adblock at the lower-right
  5. Scroll through the list and find "http://images.slashdot.org/pix.gif" (or type it in the box)
  6. Click OK

You may have to go into the adblock preferences and choose "Remove Ads" instead of "Hide Ads". I forget which is the default, but mine's been set to "Remove Ads" for a while, which works well. Adblock will now automatically remove that image from the page, and /. should render properly.

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