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Comment Re:Pointy Hats (Score 1) 159

I'm not going to force a woman to terminate - that would be just as wrong as forcing a woman not to terminate.

A special needs child with intellectual disabilities will cost from ~$1.5million to $3 million in care over his or her lifetime. Unless this cost is picked up by the parents, then it'll be absorbed by the State. This adds up to literally hundreds of billions of dollars that the taxpayer has to fork out for every year.

So yeah, not impressed when women _choose_ to bring these little burdens on society into the world.

Comment Re:Pointy Hats (Score 4, Interesting) 159

Had one woman on the radio a few month ago worried about a new 99% reliable and non-invasive test for Downs Syndrome because it meant that in future Downs Children and parents would be looked down on as it meant that the child was _chosen_ to live that way.
So yeah, there are people who would argue that we shouldn't prevent retardation.

Of course, a lot of this is due to people worried that we'll somehow create a neo-nazi pure white aryan standard for babies, rather than the opposite.
I hope that gengineering will lead to _more_ diversity. People of every color of the rainbow. The world needs more green and blue people. Colonize the seas with merpeople. Cute little things like cat and dog ears. Tails! Centaurs! Functional hermaphrodites (use whatever damn toilet you want)!
That's not to say that's the only way to go. I also want cyborgs and uploaded consciousness.

Comment Re:Low Interest In The Public (Score 1) 216

You're not even on the radar unless you're the brother of an employee who's hairdressers cousin once drove a taxi for Bin Laden.
And even then only if your pattern of email destinations is suspicious.

And if it is, they'll just put a trojan on your computer. Remember, they only need a warrant if they need to use the evidence in court.

Comment Re:Bubble (Score 1) 490

I put my house on the market in 2004 partially because I thought house prices were due for a crash as they'd hit 4x average wage and I thought "What idiot would lend more than 4x salary??"
In hindsight I was very lucky that I couldn't go through with the sale.

Comment Re:moving all the time is dumb (Score 1) 490

I'm quite happy with owning my home.
It's pretty hard to start with though - I did without for several years to pay off more on the Principal, but it also meant I paid off my mortgage in 15 years, which is nice as I now have money to start updating some things.

Renters here (UK) tend to pay more than home owners as usually if you aren't paying your own mortgage, you're paying someone elses. Plus you're only guaranteed 6 months tenancy, so potentially having to move every 6 months is quite an expense. Maintenance is included into the rent, and you don't have the option of DIY which makes that more expensive.

Comment Re:having kids is dumb (Score 1) 490

Plastic bag full of Nitrogen over the head for me.
It's far less messy for the poor sod who has to deal with my decomposing corpse.

Assuming of course, that by that time, the State hasn't decided that all these old people are too much of a burden and offer the Soylent Green way out.

Comment Re:assign blame for bugs (Score 1) 228

Screw that. Everyone will spend 50% of their time making sure none of their bugs can be blamed on them.
That would be hugely divisive when you want teams to work together.
Sure there are some dead weights that need to be culled, but every team is going to have a range of experience and different aptitudes.

Comment Soylent Green (Score 2) 318

No one has mentioned this solution yet?

When I'm old, senile and can't even wipe my own ass, I want to have the option to check out a little early.
Maybe watching a peaceful video as I drift off to everlasting sleep.
Win for me, win for the rest of society that I won't be a burden on any more.

Comment Begging popups (Score 4, Informative) 261

I don't get it reset...but now every time I start up a browser that isn't Edge, it pop ups a little warning saying how Edge is a better and safer browser.
It feels like it's acting like the guy who never gets picked, but keeps trying, hoping that one day he'll be the one who gets out of the dugout, dropping hints to the coach that _he_ could do better than the regulars. "Boy, you wouldn't even be on the team, but you're the owners son, so I can't fire you."

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