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Comment Slippery slope (Score 1) 173

Okay, lets say you have a cyborg that is 50% human? Do they have human rights?
How about 30%?
How about 20%?
How about 10%?
Would your android suddenly get human rights if you grafted 10% of a human brain (grown humanely from stem cells of course)?

Screw that. Sentient rights for all who can prove it.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 434

Sure, they'll fail again, and again...and then they'll succeed, built on the ruins of those who went before, just like the Channel Tunnel.

I imagine it'll take some type of surgical implant to at least hijack the users inner ear balancing to avoid motion sickness when playing for long periods - I can't even play ordinary FPS games for more than 30 mins without wanting to puke let alone Oculus Rift style.

I just hope I live to see it.

Comment Re:Is age a factor? (Score 3, Interesting) 277

I've heard quite a few women look down on mothers who chose to have children at 18 or 19 - either for being considered feckless scroungers bleeding the social system dry or for not being feminist enough and having a full career first.

I think 18 is a very good age to have children. Straight after high school and it's not too late to go on to college at around 22ish. Admittedly you'd need a lot of family support, which is a good thing no matter what your age.

Comment The Netflix Fix (Score 1) 227

It's the way Neilsen ratings worked then - if someone had 'non-normal' watching habits, eg. nerds who enjoy watching scifi and fantasy, they would be removed from the Nielsen ratings program as 'outliers'. As this happened all the time, even if scifi watchers increased, they would be culled from the ratings and therefore pretty much any scifi that wasn't watched by Joe 6pack got canned because apparently no one was watching it.

Now that we have Netflix, we _know_ exactly who is watching what, not just a (bad) statistical approximation. And hence we now have _lots_ of scifi and superhero movies and TV because they've not thrown away the data from all the people who would prefer to watch something other than reality TV.

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