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Comment Re:Good or not? (Score 1) 301

I was 7 when I learnt this valuable lesson.
I bugged my Mum to buy me the great toy that was being shown on TV all the time.
When I got it, it wasn't nearly as much fun as it was on TV.
That's when I lost my innocence - before then I always thought that adults always had the children's best interests at heart.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 1) 153

Peak efficiency for creative types (artists, authors, researchers, developers etc) is actually around 30 hours. You can pad out the working week with meetings etc, but you're only going to get that much actual work done.

After around 45 hours is the point where their work goes negative.

The lady who comes back part time from maternity leave who only does 2 days work a week? You're probably getting almost a full weeks work out of them and only paying them for 2 days.

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