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Comment Re:Fire (Score 1) 203

As one of the comments on the article points out, they may not have been actually locked in other than the idea that once they leave, they won't be able to get back in, and in to their belongings. So they were effectively trapped. I also have to wonder why there aren't just regular keys as a back up option to the electronic locks. So the hotel staff can get in regardless of the situation.

Comment Re:fuck you microsoft! (Score 0) 581

They have said they aren't doing "'Windows as a service subscription" and you won't have to pay for it in the future etc etc. I worry though it will become a situation of "It's free but you have to have these ads and can only run apps from the app store, otherwise you need to pay a subscription". I like Windows 10 and Microsoft but if that happens, I'm just going to be done with it and them. I'll just roll everything back to Windows 7 even if it has to be pirate copies or just install Linux.

Comment Re: And when are they going to allow 7 Enterprise. (Score 0) 581

I really wish they had included Vista. I have an older less used machine that runs Vista that I would love to upgrade. It doesn't even seem to update Security Essentials anymore. I'm seriously considering just putting Ubuntu on it since it's mostly just used by my kids occasionally to browse the web and play music.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 214

Yes, it's good to know that after I went to the trouble of deleting my G+ profile because it's a barren wasteland, Google will just go to the trouble of making me a new one. THANKS GOOGLE. Any I still question why I've been slowly migrating everything off of their services after years of Fanboying over them.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 607

I don't think the punishment is based on the valu of what was stolen, look at the bankers, they get pretty much zero punishment. It is more a combination of higher punishment for wronging a person "worth more" and an inverse proportion to the value of the person doing the stealing.

Comment Re:Less work, more life (Score 1) 969

Yeah, 40 hours is already ridiculous. Technology advances etc basically have made work extremely efficient. There isn't any reason most work can't be easily done in 20-30 hours a week. If it takes longer you're probably doing something wrong or you don't really know how to do your job.

Comment Re:So just like the old Sears crap? (Score 1) 532

Yes, this to a very large degree. The word is all over the idea that everyne has to work 40 hours a week for 40 years of their life. Can't just get something for nothing. The reality is, we are screaming headlong into an automated economy. There really is very little that we can't have done by robots. The jobs that require human intervention? Hell, everyone works some kind of job from say, age 20 to 30, maybe 30 hours a week. The real issue that comes up is that we have been bread for years to be consumers and it makes us greedy. A society where you get what you need and some of what you want with today's populace would be a train wreck of hoarding and excess "because I can" mentality. It really only works if the mass opinion is "because I need it to live" couple with "this is nice but I don't need all of it. Our current system is unsaistainable as the rest of the world approaches first world.

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