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Comment In their defence (possibly) (Score 1) 346

Any fact-based reporting is bound to conflict with ideology-based views, regardless of which of such views are involved. The ideologues will claim bias, as with global warming, and try to twist the facts around their agenda. Reality, however, often has other plans. This is not to say Facebook is innocent, but under the circumstances, they may deserve the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, FB has a history of acting badly to advance their own programs. .

Comment It's hard to sell an image of new with an old face (Score 1) 561

And, in today's economy, everybody's selling something. In tech **NEW** is the product. It isn't just tech, though. Madison Avenue has succeeded in inculcating generations with the "new is better" speciousness. Today you don't have a career, you build a brand, and that brand better have "new" in it.

Comment Re:I know! Let's immolate every last bit ... (Score 1) 38

The problem is, once development occurs, fires no longer happen naturally, and artificial mechanisms are put in place to suppress them. The drone program is a case in point. The first thing they are going after are combustible areas that pose a danger to development. These combustible areas are the very islands of habitat that are all many native species have left.

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