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Comment Re:Sitting too much ages you by 8 years (Score 1) 127

And jogging and bicycling increases your chances to get fatally hit by an automobile, train or plane.

I wondered about that a while back, so I did some investigation into the odds. It turned out that the risk of riding a bike is in the same ballpark as riding in a car when measured on a per-hour basis.

While the risks aren't insignificant, they turned out to be clearly better than the risk of being out of shape and keeling over prematurely from a heart attack or similar problem.

I do avoid some of the things that probably skew the cycling risk numbers higher, such as riding at night, or riding on hilly country roads that lack shoulders.

Comment Re:Or just go back to the way things were before (Score 1) 5

This is personal to me. A friend I knew in high school, went into the service with, and kept in touch with couldn't afford insurance and caught appendicitis. It ruined his credit and nearly his family. In 1992 when he had a heart attack, he just laid down and died rather than calling 911.

That's what happens in the US when you work full time and can't afford insurance.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1, Informative) 401

The food in the buffet is inedible - I wouldn't feed it to hogs.

That's funny... that's exactly what they do.

I saw a segment on some TV show a few years ago that featured a guy who collects the abundant leftover buffet food from Las Vegas hotels, mixes it all together, and then delivers it to hog farms. The animals did seem to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Comment Re:This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 2) 273

Snowden embarrassed the Obama administration. As much as I think he should be pardoned and let back onto US soil, Obama won't do it. Trump certainly won't either.

What makes you say Trump won't pardon Snowden?

I oppose Trump in almost every way imaginable, but I do think it's very possible he would pardon Snowden.

Comment Re: Anime? Seriously? (Score 2) 114

My amazon prime sub should be able to fund plenty of stuff I don't want to watch just like yours should fund stuff I want to watch but you aren't interested in.

They are two separate issues. As a prime subscriber I don't want to see Amazon going down the path of bait and switch up-selling and charging extra for content instead of including it with prime. That said, if they are going to do it anyway I'm critical of their choice. You are right, I'd be more upset if it were good content rather than just anime but they aren't exactly producing premium content like sci-fi fantasy, marvel/dc, etc and I wouldn't want this to set a precedent leading to them wanting me to pay them yet more.

I have praise and complaints about Amazon. They actually have a number of shows that are surprisingly good. They've also unfortunately axed great shows. My biggest gripe with their content is the previews are terrible and give you absolutely no idea what a show is about or whether it is any good. They seem to just be random collections of 3 or 4 second bits of the show that give no context or insight.

Comment Re:Comcast customer here (Score 1) 111

Second to last time I called Comcast I was upset because they lied about a service and its pricing in online chat support. Being quite polite I was hung on up 3 or 4 times, blind transferred repeatedly, had a few reps pretend they were supervisors, and when I finally got a callback from a real superior they demanded I provide the chat transcript or it never happened. When I actually had saved the transcript and provided it the supervisor said they weren't authorized to promise me that and would not amend the bill even historically. This process took three days of calling.

My last experience with Comcast was a business internet account. I called and canceled the service because I was moving, the rep was very helpful and took the date. They didn't ask for the modem back and in the hassle of moving I forgot completely. Several months later I received a bill from comcast at my new address. I thought this must be the final bill, it included a charge for the cost of the modem. I paid it figuring that would settle everything, the rep I spoke to when I called indicated that they had no record of me canceling which is why the charges were higher than expected but that she'd corrected it and this payment would settle everything. Three months later I get another bill which includes a charge for the cost of the modem again. I call and they have no record of me canceling, can't explain why they are charging me for a modem if they don't think I've canceled and or why they are trying to charge it again but the charges have been corrected and the system is updated. A month later another bill, a new charge for the modem, call again and they indicate they are charging me for the modem because it wasn't returned. When I point out that I've now moved and there is no way I could possibly return the modem they indicate they will continue to charge me the full cost of modem every month until it is returned. Finally, I report to the BBB and their response is similar with an additional claim that it doesn't matter if I called and canceled or that their representative indicated the request was submitted, etc because somewhere in the fine print on the agreement it indicated I'd have to cancel in writing. The BBB cleared them automatically because I eventually gave up on going round and round, Comcast can afford to pay drones to auto-reply longer than I can and the BBB is a joke.

After the BBB request they stopped trying to add charges and a couple years later I successfully booted them from my credit report. Your millage may vary but more likely you've just been beaten down by lousy customer service so hard that you just think this is how it works. Most companies have reps that either say they will do something to resolve issues or won't agree to do something... every so often I have a fluke where something gets messed up but Comcast is only company I've interacted with they consistently lie saying they are resolving the issue and then not.

Yeah, AT&T sucks too if anything goes wrong but in three years of my wife having cell service with them I've never had to call. With comcast it was every couple months.

Comment Re:What's the money for? (Score 1) 139

But they sound like something that costs less than a million dollars per year. Is the rest all spent on embezzlement services?

First, haha NO, servicing hundreds of thousands or millions of customers a day does not cost less than a million a year, try probably ~$50 million if you're doing it right.

Second, they're currently employing most of the former AI and Robotics labs folks from Carnegie Mellon and a few other large high profile labs in an effort to get autonomous cars going to the point where they can remove their biggest expenditure (their drivers).

Comment Re:3rd party ad = prison is very bad to have as la (Score 2) 49

And so long as sex offender charges are handed out for similarly ridiculous situations do you really think it is fair to have everyone who has been charged with such an offense branded a sex offender, posted in a publicly accessible online database, and as people in said database grouped categorically and viewed as "child molesters" by the general public.

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