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Comment Re:So in other words... (Score 0) 302

"Bullshit. The federal government has both the power and duty regulate such devices."

And they regulate everything, their regulation is what made makign health claims about e-cigs illegal.

As for the power and duty, I missed where we gave them that in the constitution. Unless you mean in the "can get away with it" sense. Studying for safety and spreading information is quite different than regulating.

"At the same time I shouldn't have to pay for injuries or damages caused by people using these things by raising my insurance rates."

And I shouldn't have to pay for baby boomers and their physical fitness obsession wearing out their joints, other couples choosing to have a baby, the heart health effects of that terrible food they eat, the mental and physical health problems caused by choosing to go war, and the damage caused to officers and dea agents in their fight in a pointless war on drugs. Oh wait, yes, we both SHOULD pay for those things because that is what insurance is for. I get absolutely no say or judgement in the health and safety practices of others, I have to pay toward their well being no matter the source and they have to pay for mine when I do something stupid and end up with a medical bill.

Stop judging your fellow citizens and fighting against their health care and start fighting to reduce the cost of the best care imaginable. Attack what matters, the pharmaceuticals industry, surgical health providers, and medical equiptment these are the places where a $20 procedure gets ballooned into a $20,000 procedure.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 252

The "bad guys" will still find that classic abandoned warehouse across the train tracks and plot their evil in the veil of darkness. Perhaps we should require spotlights and mandatory cameras over every square inch of the planet too?

The problem has never been all that hard for the authorities: They have always known that to snag all the bad guys, they only have to monitor the small subset of warehouses that are built on a slanted "Dutch angle".

Comment Re:That was one of the details wardriving and late (Score 1) 85

I'm sure that a makeshift homebrew directional antenna could sniff these signals out in a suburban or office park area just fine.

Even in your high-rise case, the signal could be narrowed down to a small subset of all devices. Processing the sum of a few signals to pick out "words" shouldn't be too hard, either.

Not to mention, I said three times the distance to frigging PLUTO. Presumably, attackers could get within 100m of most targets. I don't think you realize how much easier that is.

Comment Re:Solution found (Score 1) 85

This the battery issue a show stopper. Then there is the lag which would be a show stopper for a gamer.

Wireless network links suck as well. I use them for mobile devices because you don't transit much data there but having wifi definitely has not eliminated the need for faster and lower latency wired links around the house.

Comment Typos (Score 1) 15

If you're referring to the book, I took great pains to leave the stories as close to how they were presented in the magazines as possible, leaving typos in. One story I got from Gutenberg had typos edited out, I re-inserted them. Five of them were printed in the bound versions of the book and PDF from cleaned-up scans of the original stories. I saw three in Leinster's story.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 2, Insightful) 352

What does Fahrenheit relate to? Who knows?

0F is the temperature of a particular ice/brine mixture, and it was approximately the lowest temperature typically experienced in Fahrenheit's area. I suppose that one advantage of that is not having to use negative values very often.

100F is approximately human body temperature. That's pretty easy to relate to.

One nice property of the system is that 0F is often dangerously cold, and 100F is often dangerously hot.

Comment Re:It's not money (Score 1) 150

Ummm... that is everywhere in the world. There is a reason the Federal Reserve reserves gold along with every government in the world. People who get burned on gold get burned because they buy while the market is "booming." This is actually extremely uncommon. During the recession you'd have been a very happy man if you kept your wealth in gold.

There are certainly investments which grow faster buy they also carry a lot more risk.

All that said there is another reason people get burned with both dollars and gold on a regular basis. Counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is mathematically proven to be impossible with bitcoin and that is why it has innate value. That is also why the banks are trying to build systems based on its technology. All this "I can't hold it in my hand" people are just luddites.

Comment Re:"Business People" (Score 1) 192

Or you can not short the stock, you can buy options instead. Those options will be incredibly cheap because the market is most likely to go the other way. Using this strategy you can be wrong many times and get a big payoff that time you are right.

This is how you exploit the market. If looking at this history and financials of the company the layoff looks like desperate flailing before the fall you can target your strategy more specifically and have a much larger yacht.

Comment Illusion (Score 1) 203

"We're only crowded because we've crowded ourselves into cities. Try taking a train trip across the United States, or Europe or Asia or anywhere in the world. Ninety-nine percent of the land is not used..."

This sounds like the perspective of a city dweller. In the US at least, unless you are going out west and talking about desert the land is actually much more populated than even 20 years ago. More and more it's becoming like most state/national parks, a thin screen of trees creating the illusion of being out in the wilds while the next camper is just on the other side with no real private space.

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 382

"The legitimate reason for saying that is that Trump is modeling much of his campaign on the campaign of Hitler."

Exactly. I don't believe Hitler was sincere any more than I believe Trump. Both exploited flaws in human nature.

"One important thing to note is that despite the official recovery from a recession, most of the population isn't seeing much recovery."

Yes. We are seeing a new shiny bubble.

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