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Comment I'm pissed with them right now (Score 1) 1

Ordered a long-throw stapler and staples 2 weeks ago. The stapler came last week, staples today. The box was open at both ends, staples spilled out into the bag, box crushed and staples broken.

They won't let me return them. I'd be REALLY pissed if it wasn't just a couple of bucks.

Comment Re:Not just bitcoin (Score 1) 214

"A useful currency transacts within seconds, not hours."

Last I checked bitcoin transactions take a few minutes and not hours. That is a little slow for local transactions unless you count the time you wait to be able to pay and extremely fast for international transactions. If you count the real time a transaction takes, which includes the time during which it could be reversed by one party it is much faster than CC payments and is generally faster than the time it takes to go to the atm to do a cash transaction.

If you think transactions take hours you must be waiting for the maximum number of confirmations before counting any transaction. That is completely unnecessary. Unless you a transacting hundreds of thousands of dollars or more three confirmations is plenty of security, if you are engaging in transactions typically under $500 one is generally sufficient since the person paying you has no control over who will validate the transaction.

Comment Re:It's not the FWD that are the real problem (Score 1) 132

And based on the preorders they have investors lining up to loan them money. It's like the US national debt, it's only a problem if you don't expect to be able to repay it or if nobody wants to lend you money at reasonable terms. Tesla is not going to fold due to lack of funding sources, they might be less profitable in the medium horizon because they're paying off loans (but really, corporate rates, even for a company with their run rate, are at historic lows right now so it's not THAT much of a drag on future earnings), but they've got access to plenty of capital.

Comment Re:Not just bitcoin (Score 1) 214

"But is in the control of the Chinese miners. I for one prefer a local elected body."

Elected doesn't mean much with rigged elections like we have in the US. But there is nothing stopping governments and/or major banks from mining investments of the scale they spend on financial networks and infrastructure they build now. That would dramatically speed transaction times and solidly put an end to worries about some upstart being able to get a controlling interest in mining power. Now that the hardware has made all the easy gains it's really the same problem as market volatility, small scale equals a volatile market.

Comment Re:Not just bitcoin (Score 1) 214

Bitcoin doesn't have a market the size of the pound or the euro. Huge shifts are common in small markets because a single large trader can shift them around.

While the shifts are a legitimate factor to consider if looking at bitcoin from a speculation standpoint today they aren't really a valid indicator at this point of the viability of the instrument itself. If the equivalent of the US economy were using bitcoin as the currency then I highly doubt you'd see shifts larger than you do with any major currency.

Comment Re:Not just bitcoin (Score 1) 214

On another note.

Gold derives it's value from being scarce and pretty. Bitcoin derives its value from being extremely easy to transact even at global scale, outside the control of any central body, and being the only potential currency that can't be counterfeited. Having a fixed number of whole units is just something required to make the math work, unlike gold bitcoin is infinitely divisible. Instead of new units being created by a central bank new units go into common use by people in the market deciding to start transacting smaller bits. The word "coin" in bitcoin is unfortunate, it has made any people think of the whole unit as coins when wide adoption of bitcoin always meant the common unit transacted would be a tiny fraction of a "bitcoin"

Comment Re:Not just bitcoin (Score 1) 214

" People think gold standard is great because it's a relatively fixed amount of mineral to peg your currency against which gives it a fixed volume of currency. Bitcoin has the same property"

You are correct in saying this is a problem with gold. It is not a problem with bitcoin, yes there is a fixed number of whole bitcoin, but unlike gold bitcoin is digital and you can create more units simply by moving the decimal place and trading smaller units. If bitcoin were used as a global currency for example, whole units of bitcoin would likely be a unit only exchanged between nations or on a balance sheet for the wealthiest individuals.

Comment Re:IT and CS need to be split up (Score 1) 561

No, your idea leads to people who think doing full table joins between two 100M+ row tables on different servers to get a handful of results is a good idea. While there is a use for business analysts (people who translate business requirements into specs) the idea that you can be ignorant of CS principals and code is just wrong IMHO and IME. I'm a failed CS grad so I fully realize that not everyone is cut out for CS but I also realize that there IS a need for the coders out there, I know just enough to be dangerous and my code is usually only used for administrative tasks on at most hundreds of objects so my lack of efficiency generally only inconveniences me, when I've had to help diagnose the 'slow' database server that was brought to a crawl due to amateur code it irks me.

Comment Re:You mentioned police, so... (Score 1) 651

Not just sarcasm, thinking and saying are two different things and saying and doing are also two very different things. I guarantee you've said something today you won't do and thought many things today you won't even say let alone do.

That is part of why speech is protected. I very much dislike both Trump and Hillary and I've said more than a few times that someone should just shoot them and the world would be a better place. That isn't sarcasm it is just exasperation, I would never REALLY condone violence and wouldn't support someone who did. Every day friends and colleagues say "I hate that x" and "I could kill x" and none of them actually mean it. It isn't that sometimes you don't mean extreme and inappropriate statements it's that 99.999% of the time an extreme statement is made the person doesn't mean it.

He doesn't need a defense. We are all two faced when it comes to work and home. He can be a racist bigoted prick in his head, if it doesn't translate into inappropriate comments and actions at work it is nobody's business. If he has complaints against him at work, his facebook could be brought out to corroborate and show consistency between the two for what that is worth but no, you don't initiate real action because of something someone said on facebook.

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