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Comment Re:Commodore PET (Score 1) 857

When mine was upgraded to 32K I thought that would be more space than I would ever need.

In addition to David Ahl's BASIC games book (remember Hammurabi?) I had a subscription to a monthly cassette full of software. It was probably a program on the latter that only POKEd a small portion of the screen, but as a result was able to POKE quickly enough that you got a different character on each scan line, allowing for slightly more varied graphics - in that small portion.

Comment Let's get the other journalists cleared as well (Score 4, Informative) 79

By all means, celebrate Amy Goodman's charges being dropped. But did you know there are many other journalists also facing charges for covering the pipeline resistance?

Two documentarians facing decades in prison.

Four Unicorn riot journalists facing charges in North Dakota and Iowa, and another was arrested on Saturday as part of the largest set of arrests in one incident to date.

Follow /r/NoDAPL for more.

Comment Pinboard, Venn viewing/editing by tag (Score 1) 100

I use Pinboard, which doesn't sync to browsers at all, though it does import from them and there are extensions for most(all?) browers. It has excellent tagging capabilities. Every once in a while I switch browsers or do a fresh install of one, over time set up the bookmark toolbar. In theory it would be nice to have that stored in Pinboard, but on the other hand being forced to rethink what I most want easy access to can be a good thing. Having a different set that sync to mobile would be good.

With a monthly fee, Pinboard archives all of the pages you bookmark, so that handles dead links very well, and as we've all learned by now I hope, if we like a service we're usually better off paying for it than suffering ads, or the buyout from some giant corporation that will end or ruin it.

The managing that I would really like to see is the ability to view bookmarks based on tag in a graphical way with overlapping circles (think Venn diagram), and edit the tags on a bookmark simply by dragging it from one part of he overlapping circles to another.


Submission + - Carnivorous swamp beast discovered in Madagascar ( 1

crudmonkey writes: Researchers have identified a previously unknown species of carnivore lurking in one of the world's most endangered lakes. Durrell's vontsira, named in honor of the late conservationist and writer Gerald Durrell, was first photographed swimming in Madagascar's Lake Alaotra in 2004. Subsequent surveys confirmed the mongoose-like creature was indeed a new species. Durrell's vontsira is the first new carnivorous mammal discovered in Madagascar in 24 years. Little is known about the species, which is roughly the size of a cat.
Emulation (Games)

Emulation Arrives On the PS3 169

YokimaSun writes "Following the recent exploit that allows you to jailbreak your PS3, the homebrew community have now breached the console with the first homebrew game, which is the classic Pong. Also released is the first emulator for the system in the shape of a SNES Emulator great for those 16-bit games. Finally drk||Raziel, the coder of the Dreamcast Emulator NullDC, has posted screenshots of his Dreamcast emulator working on the PS3 (albeit at a very early stage). The PS3 is building up to be the Dream Console for emulation."
The Internet

Submission + - Wiki Culture Gets AWard ...

nimbleturtle writes: "... and that Ward is Ward Cunningham!

Ward just announced on the eclipse blog that he is leaving the Eclipse foundation in order to take a job in which he directly promotes Wiki culture.

Ward says, "In a week I will join AboutUs, a wiki company founded in 2005, as Chief Technology Officer. I'm honored to join their team. This company understands the power of the wiki concept and how to put it to productive use."

Ward is well-known for a few widely disseminated ideas which he originated and developed. Among these, the most famous are the wiki (named after WikiWikiWeb), and many patterns in the field of software patterns, including the collection of patterns and practices that later became known as "Extreme Programming" or "XP." Wikipedia has more about Ward ..."

Does this move by a Ward perhaps signal that wikis and the wiki way are finally making it to the mainstream?"

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