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Comment Re:Escape routes? (Score 1) 417

I 29 is closed between Council Bluffs and I-680. I-29 south of 80 is open until you reach Nebraska City and are detoured east/west because of another levee breach west of Hamburg. I-29 north of I-680 is open. I-80 east and west is open. There are numerous state and local highways in and out of the metro area.

The section of I-29 that is closed is only causing a minor detour if you're heading north or coming into Omaha from the north.

Though, given what people seem to think is happening here, I may need some kind of radiation proof raft instead...

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about, move along (Score 3, Insightful) 417

I'm also from the area. The spin on these stories that the sky is falling are both funny and annoying.

Even if there was some kind of catastrophic failure at FCS that required immediate response, the surrounding infrastructure is still more than able to deal with it. Omaha is still standing and chugging along just fine. The rest of the country isn't exactly paralyzed by a Japan style disaster.

People need to be more concerned about the levees around Omaha and Council Bluffs and the areas already effected by significant breaches. A few feet of water at the station is nothing compared to what is happening elsewhere in the area.

Comment Re:And the old saw applies here (Score 3, Insightful) 226

Of course drilling in shallower water is safer. The problem is we've already exhausted a large number of those reserves, forcing deep water drilling.

The reason they had 5 different things to try so quickly is because they were all tried way back during the Ixtoc spill. The ideas weren't new. The problems arise when you consider they're now under a mile of water instead of a few hundred feet.

Its a fairly safe assumption that BP (and other companies) have spent nothing on containment research given the rehashing of Ixtoc containment and the on-the-fly engineering that has happened since the spill started.

Comment Re:Why can't you land it by remote/autopilot? (Score 2, Informative) 233

Discovery was capable of automatic landing back in 2006 when they were still treading a fine line after Columbia. It appears it was a nasty hack at the time and would be manually plugged in if needed so it may not be included on current flights, but it was available.

Comment Re:flicker crashes (Score 2, Insightful) 303

I don't notice any flicker as well. I have noticed that some lights have blocks of LEDs failing rather quickly after installation though. Entire sections of turn arrows and squares in circular lights that have gone out look rather weird. It may be a brand/manufacturer issue though since I see this in the larger metro area but not in the suburb where I live even though the suburb has had them longer.

Makes you wonder if they'll have the same issues with chunks failing in these lights.

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