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Journal RM6f9's Journal: My friends 6

My list of /. friends (With reasons where I can remember them, please take no offense at the 70s catching up with me...):

0x0000 (140863)
abelchemoul (875066)
alphorn (667624)
artifex2004 (766107)
AtariAmarok (451306)
bethanie (675210) Hottie, healthy outlook on much.
Black.Shuck (704538)
bloodredsun (826017)
ces (119879)
Chi Hsuan Men (767453)
ChuckleBug (5201)
Decius Brutus (905840)
DerekLyons (302214) Meat-space friend
endus (698588)
EnronHaliburton2004 Fellow traveler with regards to politics (mostly) - smart.
eyeye (653962)
FidelCatsro (861135) Smart, generous, occasionally funny.
fishbowl (7759)
FLAGGR (800770)
FooAtWFU (699187)
GrassMunk (677765)
harrkev (623093)
imsabbel (611519)
jafac (1449)
John Seminal (698722)
KILNA (536949) Reciprocal, befriended based on a rant I did once?
LordBodak (561365) Reciprocal, mutual friends with others, meme participant.
maxwell demon (590494) Cool handle
metamatic (202216)
MrAnnoyanceToYou (654053) Cool handle
Nefarious Wheel (628136)
nizo (81281)
Nom du Keyboard (633989)
norsk_hedensk (671990)
Philip K Dickhead (906971) My inner radical cries to join his movement - when and if he ever does move beyond screaming outrage at our current regime's insane stupidities (or stupid insanities, reader's choice.)
PlacidPundit (881182) Nice handle
Quantum Jim (610382) Reciprocal
rebeka thomas (673264) A lady who posted something I agreed with.
RobertB-DC (622190) Helped me a lot when I was new to /.
sahonen (680948)
Shadow Wrought (586631) Fellow writer and INTJ
SpacePunk (17960)
StalinsNotDead (764374) Smart even by /. standards.
syukton (256348)
Tackhead (54550)
That's Unpossible! (722232)
tomhudson (43916) An education all wrapped up inside a person.
tont0r (868535)
Ungrounded Lightning (62228)
WebCowboy (196209)
X_Bones (93097)
zogger (617870)

Note to self: Do better at recording reasons for befriending fellow /.ers

Thank you, folks.

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My friends

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  • "FidelCatsro (861135) Smart, generous, occasionally funny." ..
    I like the smart bit ;) ,... but occasionally funny , I am a laugh riot sir , I could cause blood in the streets with my jokes. notably , most of the blood would be mine from knife jokes spurred on from puns but still.
    Or thanks ;)
    • Gotcha! "Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease being amused."
    • Hey I got a blank so don't complain.

      I am an INTP with type O- blood, double jointed thumbs and color deficient vision; certainly one of those qualifies as a damn good reason to friend me :-D

    • Hey, at least you got "smart". I got StalinsNotDead (764374) Smart even by /. standards.

      Which if you average in all the trolls & whatnot, probably brings my level of smart to lemur-with-a-learning-disability status;-)

      Though, I will take the compliment as it was meant, not with my standard paranoia filter applied.
      • "Smart even by /. standards" is meant as a compliment - there are some real geniuses on this forum, I figure you're one of 'em - at least bright enough to maintain paranoia, which might have me all faked out, but if true, I don't wanna know it.

Real Programmers think better when playing Adventure or Rogue.