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Comment Erm... (Score 3, Interesting) 360

...then remove ads at theaters, I'm not paying to watch ads.

...then lower the volume at theaters, I'm not paying to have my hearing damaged or remember to bring earplugs and their discomfort.

...then offer a pause button, I'm not paying to miss parts because of assorted reasons.

...then bring the theater closer to me, I'm not paying gas and an additional hour of time round trip to travel there.

...then create a new story, I'm not paying for another version of the seven basic plots I've already seen.

Note, I already only attend matinées at reduced rates, so consider that in terms of what I'm willing to pay already.

(I've thankfully not been bothered by other rude patrons, and find films often enhanced by shared reactions, but for many people you'd have to eliminate the audience too.)

Music has changed to reduce the deeper tones not resolved in tiny earbud headphones, as fewer listen via speakers nowadays, perhaps movies should likewise adapt to how they are consumed?

Comment Yes, CyanogenMod (Score 2) 215

Both my devices are rooted w/Cyanogenmod as it was easy for one (one-click installer) and I knew more for the other, I need access to install my custom Hosts file to block adds/Facebook, I also want a firewall, which you aren't getting without root (if there's a way, please let me know).

There are other capabilities that require root that I use regularly.

My devices came from Google, so weren't bloatware loaded thankfully, but having control to eliminate things that affect performance is required.

It's a tool for my use, not someone else's tool that I get to pay for and use for their purpose, thank you very much.

PS: LineageOS, the successor to CyanogenMod, is nearly up and running according to their latest blog post.

Comment First multiline BBS on personal computer? (Score 1) 181

I started w/the C= 64 like so many others, 300 baud modem. Got a 1200 at some point.

But my claim to fame (in my own head) would be running what I believe might've been the first multiline BBS on a personal computer, an Amiga 2000 with four Supra 2400zi modems (as soon as they were available) with BB/OS software which was designed for multiline.

At the time PCs and Macs didn't generally have multiple serial ports, and the systems that offered multitasking aside from the Amiga were the NeXT and OS/2, Macs didn't, PCs didn't, I'm unsure of the Atari STs could have multiple serial ports then, but didn't know any BBSes run on those regardless.

The fun part was getting the phone company to cope with a personal residence having four more phone lines, I had to go through the commercial division and they created rates for me, it was all new to them too, heh.

Comment On Fetlife I'm... (Score 2) 397

On Fetlife I'm...

On Literotica I'm...

On MyFreeCams I'm...

On Google+ I'm... (of course you aren't in my circle, but I do share publicly about once a week)

On Twitter you won't see activity ever since Google+ came on the scene.

On Youtube, oh wait, you didn't like the Fetlife stuff; you can't see the private stuff on Youtube anyway, been years since I posted a public video...

Makes me wonder if anyone's kink is learning others' kinks?

Comment Carry that forward... (Score 1) 951

...okay, so the entities that have us in a computer simulation likewise are living in a simulation of other entities, who are also living in a... *rollseyes There isn't infinite energy to sustain all that.

The issue is more that when I can fap to a virtual lover of my choosing, my DNA doesn't get into a human receptacle for procreation. I've had a virtual pet in a virtual world, it's "dead" now. It never evolved to generate simulations and virtual species.

Also, we had virtual worlds decades ago, which are no better than the best now (just shinier). The majority of folks still need to earn a living to eat. No matter how sophisticated, we can't eat pixels. 3D food printers will need to be refilled.

Comment Yes. (Score 1) 254

Well, they would likely low-ball, and they did, just offering a few hundred.

He has to high-ball, or he's at a disadvantage.

You don't start a negotiation with what it's worth, you start with beyond that, so when you meet in the middle, you've gotten value for both parties. The best deal is measured by one neither is completely happy with, but both want.

Ethically and morally it's also the correct starting point. If he figured his experience, years of training, equipment, talent, and costs were all worth X instead, suing for less than $2M, such that he finally gets compensated a fraction of X, indicates to companies who might seek to take advantage of the rights of others that they might get away with it, or be able to buy off others for lower values than they are worth. Part of setting such precedents is to dissuade future infractions. It would be unethical to sue for less, viewed in this manner, as it would be damaging to more people, with only the hotel financially benefiting, and other businesses taking advantage of the "little guys" in the future.

Comment Wait... (Score 5, Interesting) 216

So we used to have a simple system, see http:/// on the URL bar, or see https:/// on the bar.

Then some idiot got the bright idea of hiding the start of the URL, so users could be ignorant or infuriated.

Now they are going to use another symbol to indicate the lack of an "s"?

Have I really got this right?

(Hopefully in the future the symbol will be clarified by replacing it with a sequence of letters.)

Comment Re:NFC tags instead of wireless, easier, more usef (Score 1) 481

It's more hardware dependent, not software, so any device with an NFC antenna (mine's from 2013), which a few years ago got added to more and more devices for contactless payments and wireless charging. In stock Android it defaults to enabled (some users turn NFC off to limit battery drain). Just search your preferred app store for NFC, there are multiple apps that trigger actions and provide nfc tools.

For Apple, sorry, last I knew it wasn't available on their devices, new ones might have it for limited payments, but not available to developers yet according to a superficial google search. This is a case where the hardware might now start to be offered without software accessibility.

Comment NFC tags instead of wireless, easier, more useful (Score 4, Interesting) 481

Near field communication tags, instead of wireless, since all these things listed complete based on time, I just set the tag to start a timer on my device. When it's done, ding!

Boil a pot of water for cooking? 8 minutes. Preheat the oven? Ditto. Cycle of laundry (both drier and washer complete and ready for unloading), 50 minutes.

The other benefit of this method is being able to see how much is remaining for planning, rather than waiting for a wireless update to know what's going on, and lacking info in the meantime.

NFC tags are also useful for other stuff, "nap" tag stuck to the side of my bed turns off certain phone sounds, sets a 25 min. timer and disables auto-rotation of the screen.

NFC tag on dash the car, disables wireless, enables dashcam (and/or nav software), enables autorotation of the screen.

The NFC stickers cost pennies per, so you end up buying at least a dozen and putting them to various uses.

Comment Re:As far as I'm aware.... (Score 1) 423

In my state the cost of damages factors in, which was set when the law was written, and back in the 80s meant every accident passed the threshold. So you're only leaving if there isn't an apparent scratch that would need paint.

Of course, last two incidents I've been part of (rear-ended on highway, and hit by a boat when stopped) had no damage for either. So just a handshake for one, and wave and "no worries" for the other.

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