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Submission + - New DRM-Free Label Announced (defectivebydesign.org)

jrepin writes: "Awareness has been spreading among individuals, businesses and other organizations that DRM is a completely unnecessary restriction of freedom, and it drives people away. As that awareness spreads, going "DRM-Free" becomes more and more valuable for patrons. To really build upon that image and to provide a resource for people to learn about why being DRM-Free matters, a logo was created for suppliers to proudly advertise that their files all come unencumbered by restrictive technologies. Some among early adopters are O'Reilly Media, ClearBits, Momentum Books, and ccMixter."

Comment Re:Nothing (Score 1) 879

I work for a company that still uses XP and has no plans to upgrade until, I suppose, the 2014 date. Our IT vendor does all the upgrading and is, apparently, in no rush to upgrade us. It's a lot less work for them presumably.

Comment Canadian? (Score 1) 368

Curious. Surely he doesn't have a passport from Canada still? That would just be silly. Does he vote? I hope he does but not in Canadian elections. He doesn't live in Canada and hasn't for 50 years. He has spent all of his life, essentially, in the USA. I'd say that makes him an American or perhaps a Canadian-American. I guess my question for Mr. Shatner would be, "Are you a Canadian actor? And, if so, explain the rationale for that designation."

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