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Submission + - Dueling Santa Trackers 1

R3d M3rcury writes: As Santa delivers toys to good little boys and girls, the North American Air Defense Network tracks him with a combination of "radar, satellites, Santa Cams and fighter jets."

Meanwhile, Google is working Santa's Developer Elves to get a preview of Santa Tracker.

Of course, neither of them agree as to where he is.

So, who do you believe?

Submission + - New Show: "Be the Next Microsoft Employee" (

Saija writes: As I read my email some news from Microsoft got my attention, by what i read it's a new show that will find the new Microsoft employee, there be some web episodes featuring the candidates

Submission + - Drunken Employee Shoots Server (

Target Practice writes: A drunken mortgage worker at RANLife Home Loans decided for unknown reasons to take out the company's $100,000 server with a .45-caliber automatic, blaming the damage on an imagined assailant who: mugged him, assaulted him with his own weapon, drugged him, and then broke into his office to shoot said server. According to acquaintances, he had threatened earlier that day to shoot the server and then himself.

Submission + - Are Software Developers Naturally Weird?

jammag writes: Well, c'mon, yes — let's admit it. As a veteran coder discusses as he looks at his career, software development is swelled with the offbeat, the quirky and the downright odd. As he remembers, there was the 'Software Lyrics' guy and the 'Inappropriate Phone Call' programmer, among others. Are unique types drawn to the profession or, are we 'transformed over time by our darkened working environments and exposure to computer screen radiation.'?

Sarah Silverman's Matt Damon Video *NSFW* Screenshot-sm 3

samzenpus writes "I find Sarah to be a hit-or-miss comic, often a miss but this pretty funny. It may not be the easiest way to break the news but at least there is no room for ambiguity. The best part has to be that Damon did it."

Read A Book *NSFW* Screenshot-sm 3

samzenpus writes "Schoolhouse Rock has gotten a lot edgier since I was a kid. At least the message is still good."

Submission + - Who is the baddest bad-ass character in Sci-Fi? 1

C3ntaur writes:
  • Stargate SG1 : Teal'c
  • The Matrix : Trinity
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation : Worf
  • Deep Space 9 : Captain Sisko
  • Babylon 5 : Michael Garibaldi
  • Andromeda : Andromeda Ascendant / "Romy"
  • Farscape : Ka D'argo

Submission + - Ballmer won't stop FUDding about Linux... (

eviljames writes: "People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to compensate us," — a direct quote from Steve Ballmer, as reported by Reporting that Ballmer aimed his patent gun at Linux at a company event about online services.

Users of the Red Hat Linux distribution will have to pay Microsoft for its intellectual property, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has cautioned.
With all the FUD they spread, isn't Linux closing in on some sort of deadline where we can force MS to either put up some evidence or STFU?

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Wireless router and pregnancy

An anonymous reader writes: My wife is now four months pregnant. I have a D-Link Wireless Router at home, which due to lack of space, is kept below our bed. While surfing through the net, I found this site, which has me worried. Does anybody know whether a EM transmitted by wireless routers can cause any complications during pregnancy?

Feed Engadget: Mouth-mounted camera leads to unconventional art (

Filed under: Digital Cameras

Hanging a camera on the side of your dome is one thing, but cramming one in your throat takes a level of bravado we have no experience with. Still, we can't help but toss props to Mr. Justin Quinnell, who somehow managed to insert a camera into his throat and snap a few interesting photos which he's currently selling as art. We know, the above image alone probably grossed quite a few of you out, but for those into this, be sure and hit the read link for a real mouthful.

[Via Engadget Chinese]

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Submission + - Google founders land at federal airfield (

Hugh M. Dowling, Ph.D. writes: Google's founders have secured landing rights at the federal Moffett Airfield. The former naval airstation is conveniently located to Google's headquarters, lightly used and equipped to handle Larry Page and Sergey Brin's Boeing 737-200. In return, H211 LLC, a California limited liability company controlled by Page and Brin will pay $1.3M in addition to fees for parking and fuel. Page and Brin will also allow NASA to instrument their plan for scientific study of the atmosphere. The extraordinary agreement allows Page and Brin to land at an airstrip that is virtually off-limits to other private traffic — something even Oracle's Larry Ellison hasn't managed.

Submission + - China copies iPhone; makes it even better (

An anonymous reader writes: China duplicates a lot of well know products; now they are duplicating the iPhone. Yet apparently they are making it better. From the article "The miniOne looked just like Apple's iPhone, down to the slick no-button interface. But it was more. It ran popular mobile software that the iPhone wouldn't. It worked with nearly every worldwide cellphone carrier, not just AT&T, and not only in the U.S. It promised to cost half as much as the iPhone and be available to 10 times as many consumers." The cloned iPhone uses a Linux-based system. "The cloners hire a team of between 20 and 40 engineers to begin decoding the circuit boards. At the same time, coders start to develop an operating system for the phone with a similar feature set. (The typical cloner either uses off-the-shelf code, writes something entirely new, or modifies a publicly available Linux-based system.) "

Submission + - But Mom! The other 61-year-olds get an allowance! (

deweycheetham writes: "ROME (Reuters) — A Sicilian mother took away her 61-year-old son's house keys, cut off his allowance and hauled him to the police station because he stayed out late. SL0288587220070802 The article goes on to say "Most Italian men still live at home late into their 30s, enjoying their "mamma's" cooking, washing and ironing.". Well Pack my bags, I am moving to Italy."

Submission + - Elton John Wants to Shut Down the Internet

An anonymous reader writes: Sir Elton John believes that the internet is ruining the quality of music and has proposed a solution to the problem. From the article:

He claims it is destroying good music, saying: "The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff. Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK but it doesn't bode well for long-term artistic vision."

Interestingly, he streamed his 60th birthday concert over the internet and is now offering his entire back catalogue for digital download.

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