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Comment Re:The main problem (Score 1) 71

If that's the cost of getting employees to stay late, it's a great investment.

Depends on why they're staying late.

During "crunch" times--usually a few months before shipping--a company I used to work for would bring in dinner. I know more than a few people who would hang out, let the company buy them dinner, and then go home shortly afterwards. These were usually the same people who would snag a half-dozen free sodas to take home on the way out (and, no, they weren't working from home).

I'd be more interested in things getting done. If people are staying late in order to get things done, that's great and I have no qualms about feeding them as a way of thanking them. But I've seen it turn into a "Hey, free food, let's stick around! Maybe we'll get a foosball game going after dinner. Look at us, we stayed at work 'til 11:00 playing ping-pong!"

Comment Re:The main problem (Score 4, Informative) 71


Venture capital poured in, and its valuation surged from $US12m in early 2014 to $US525m by mid-2015. Beepi moved out of its cramped office and into a glassie building where the chief executive zipped around on his own Segway. Staffers enjoyed quinoa salad and turkey meatball lunches and dinners when they often stayed late, and unwound with ping-pong or Nerf guns.

Comment Re:Hydrogen = oil (Score 1) 163

As long as the lowest cost means of producing hydrogen starts with oil or natural gas, it is not a green fuel.

I'm not sure about that. It's somewhat akin to the argument about electric cars and where the electricity comes from. Is your electric car "green" if the electricity to power it comes from coal?

The advantage to something like this is your car is being powered by hydrogen. You can get that hydrogen from fossil fuels. You can get that hydrogen from water. You can get that hydrogen from the solar wind. However you can economically produce hydrogen--and that will change over time--won't matter to the car. As long as you're delivering hydrogen, it's all good.

And much like the argument about using "dirty" means of producing electricity, it's much simpler to regulate the pollution from a factory or 20 producing hydrogen than it is to regulate the pollution from 10,000,000 vehicles.

Comment Re:Ideas, products, and sales do matter! (Score 1) 167

Your idea is your product, and you need a product that customers are willing to pay for. Sales are incredibly important, but they aren't going to happen without a product that someone will pay for.

While I agree, I somewhat understand what he's saying.

It's sort of like the guy who writes a neat app for storing recipes and ends up developing a fantastic database engine. So while storing recipes isn't necessarily going to set the world on fire, a fantastic database engine might be worth something.

The article had an interesting example of one of Tilt's competitors, WePay, that basically started going down the same road as Tilt. But discovered that the money just wasn't there and "pivoted" into becoming a back-end for others who want to do crowdfunding. It's more boring, but there's good money in it. So while the idea of being a "social payment app" isn't going to work out, it might lead you into some other interesting areas.

Comment Re:Not everyone is Infomercial level incompetent (Score 2) 344

Part of the issue is, frankly, I'd rather you not kill me. Yes, I can appreciate that you feel you can talk on the phone while driving or that you can drive while drunk. But if you're wrong...then what? I'm dead.

Would you be willing to spend the rest of your life in jail? Whoo...that's a toughie. I mean, hey, you killed someone. But it's not like you meant to do it. It was an accident. You looked away from the road for just a moment, honest, because your phone rang. It could've happened to anyone. And I'm sure you're sorry. I'm sure you're very very sorry. And you're a basically law-abiding citizen and I'm sure you'll never ever do that again.

But I'm still dead.

Do I have to die in order for you to learn that, hey, maybe you're not quite the superman that you think you are?

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