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Comment Re:The rules don't see fair... do they? (Score 2) 35

Well, there are five teams who have scheduled launches. A Japanese team and an Indian team are riding up on the same Indian rocket. A team from the US is working with Rocket Lab USA. An Israeli team is working with SpaceX and an international team is working with Interorbital Systems.

So, if SpaceX has to delay launching the Israeli's for 6 months, all the other teams have to call their launch providers and say, "Hey, can you hold off on our payload for six months?"

At this point, I'd extend it only if it looks like no one will make the deadline.

Comment Re:Insert Standard Slashdot Responses (Score 1) 52

[Response 1: My commute is 300 miles! As a result this electric vehicle is useless for everyone!]

Variation: Once a month, I go visit my parents/grandparents/sweetheart/cat 300 miles away! Between the people who drive 300 miles to work and people like me who travel a long distance once a month, it won't work!

Comment Re:Generally awful (Score 1) 435

3D is a generally awful experience for most people.

Considering how many people do see movies in 3D, I'd say it isn't an awful experience for most people.

In my case, I'll only go see 3D movies that are actually filmed (or created) in 3D. I find "post-produced" 3D just ends up looking like cardboard cut-outs of the characters placed at different depths.

Comment Re:Hate the office life (Score 1) 250

I rent an "Executive Suite" to work in (it sounds fancier than it is--it's basically on office). So no noise in the office.

That said, they have music on in the hallways which, when it's really quiet (like today), I can slightly hear it. But it's pretty easy to ignore.

The biggest chuckle I had is that the radio station they have it set to (Coast 103.5) started doing wall-to-wall Christmas music in early November. Pretty much every tenant said, "Oh, Hell no!" and the station was changed to something else (A HREF="">MyFM 104.3) until some time in early December.

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