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Journal Journal: From the "Too Much Spare Time" File

So... with a war raging in Iraq, allegations of misconduct, a couple nations making accusations of war crimes, and everything else going on in the world.

And Bush is taking another day off for another funeral. Thurmond's I can see - but Hepburn's is simply pandering. It's not like she was a family member or a personal friend, she was just an actress. My uncle's a pretty good mortician. Think the President would turn up if he kicked the bucket?

This kind of cold-blooded behavior makes me sick.

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Journal Journal: Geneva Con-whatzit?

The BBC News tells us a story about how their visit to our Cuban prison camps was halted early. This doesn't worry me so much as the quote at the end:

"We are detaining the enemy combatants here in Guantanamo in a humane manner in accordance with the Geneva Conventions with the exception of the requirements of military necessity."[Emphasis Mine] This from Major-General Geoffrey Miller. That's Major-General, United States Army.

Hold the phone. Within the what did you say? When I was in the Army, we were told that the US obeyed the Geneva Convention, and I don't recall any fine print. I ranked slightly below the local squirrels, I'll admit, so I don't know what the brass really had to say about it.

I'm squeamish about the idea of the United States Army as a bunch'a war criminals. It has been hinted in the BBC News that the U.S. has pressured Belgium into halting prosecution for other American war crimes in Iraq.

This does not bode well to me, folks. We're supposed to be, like, all enlightened and civilized and shit. Odd parallels spring to mind between the United States and the old Byzantine Empire, and they are not good comparisons.

Enough ranting for now. Comment if you think I'm hopelessly mistaken.

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