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Journal Journal: My Latest Favorite Post...

And it's not because he's more or less supporting what I already posted. It's just that it's funny, and true... I get the impression that a lot of people think exactly what this guy is saying, that music comes from artists. A lot of the stuff lately comes from writers, and the business finds a face to put on the music. Pitch correction is used widely, so all you need is a good "quality" to your voice, but not necessairly good pitch control (which is 70% of the skill in my opinion).

Oh, and I'm not going to reply to Anonymous Cowards. The light bulb went on tonight and I realized that those people can post serious flamebait without getting modded. I just got my karma back to neutral and I'd rather it didn't sink again, heh. :)

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Journal Journal: Who do I tell? 3

Who do I tell that the new Slashdot design sucks? I liked the fact that I could read someone's subject line and immediately see the rating given right next to it. Now my eyes gotta go back and forth and back and forth because the rating is on the far right of the screen, as far away from a post's subject line as you can get... I'm going to get headaches, and it's probably going to cause me to not visit much anymore. I'll play with the settings to see if I can get the rating back over on the left, but I doubt that it's possible.

Don't like the new design, at all. :\ Yes, yes, I know there was a time for feedback, but I'm no web wizard. What am *I* going to say?

Oh, here's something else. I just put the 'p' tag in after my first paragraph, and it's being treated like the 'BR' tag. Bleh. I just tried the 'BR' tag, and it doesn't function at all.

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Journal Journal: Well Howdy Do? 2

Well I got my first fan today. And my first +5 Funny. But then I look over at my Karma and it's "BAD". Guess I got a bit too fed up with some folks lately, but this site seems so anti-conservative in some ways I just have to speak up. I don't see how the Karma affects much tho, I still get my mod points, heh.

Well, thanks for reading. I'll post again in about a year or so. :)

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