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Comment Next up for sale.... (Score 1) 262

Standard SMTP headers!

      Enjoy-A-Coke-While-Discussing: Fred's meeting memo

HTTP status codes!

      404 Not Found - Have a Snickers instead!

Errno descriptions!

      Program terminated (errno 31 Wonderful Flavors at Baskin Robbins!)

Comment Re:Ugly (Score 1) 50

That, and this:

The researchers are this week working on a camo version for use by the Russian military. The national army has already expressed interest in the bot, attracted by its ability to carry up to 10g – a potential option for carrying portable cameras into enclosed areas and tight spaces.

Comment I am totally loving the synopsis (Score 2) 167

The story begins with Tom Boyman, a 23-year-old Californian who has finally saved up enough money to begin his studies at Yale.

I guess the name "Tom Manchild" was taken?

On his way to catch the bus east, he meets Milton "Fearless" Gilroy, a car racer who convinces him to go to a county fair before leaving.

If you race cars, it's important to have a nickname which tells people that you are brave, because otherwise they would have no way of knowing that.

At the fair, Tom chances upon Margot Champion, a senior at Wellesley who is summering in California at an archaeological dig

She was accompanied by her brother Victor Champion, her sister Hero Champion. and her cousin Winnie McWinsalot. But they don't do much in this movie.

The three of them strike up a friendship and visit the dig site that night, where, among howling winds, a mysterious power brings them all to another world.

It's called "peyote".

They awake near a strange body of water, where an oared galley awaits them. From this ship emerges Odo, a water-walking cleric, who bids them to come along. He then transfers the water-walking ability to the party, who join him on board--

Why does he need to walk on water if he has a ship? Is it that he's clumsy and falls overboard a lot, and can't swim? And why do Baby Manboy and his two friends need to walk on water to get to a ship that's supposedly been waiting for them? Don't they have docks, or gangplanks, or launches? How did all the oarsmen get on board? Do they need to walk on water too?

--to travel to the island of the Master. The Master explains that he, and this world, were created by the Onelord. Every seven hundred years, the power of the Master fades, and a Child will be found who is destined to replace the Master. However, because "nothing can exist without its opposite," the Onelord also created the Nightking, who is "dark beyond your powers to imagine," and whose strength grows as that of the Master fades. So a Chosen One is summoned from our world to help maintain the balance. The Master reveals that Tom is this Chosen One, and charges him with an urgent quest: the Child has been discovered, but has already been kidnapped by the Nightking, and can be saved only by Tom.

Ok, I totally want to watch this movie now.

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