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Submission + - Parenting: Is enrichment worth the hassle? (

davidannis writes: While there is broad awareness of studies that link parenting style to educational and economic outcomes I recently found a compelling and seemingly totally contradictory set of studies that argue that outcome is almost completely determined by genetics. If those studies are right, I am wasting an immense amount of time, effort, and money. I'm asking for help reconciling these contradictory sets of scientific studies.

Submission + - Microsoft wants to turn your living room into a holodeck (

cylonlover writes: Microsoft is beginning to emerge from what some have called "the missing decade" as a company eager to innovate and forge the future rather than be dragged along into it by its competitors. The Xbox brand is very much part of popular culture, and the Xbox 360 is expected to be superseded by a successor in 2013. But Microsoft is looking even further forward than that, with a recently revealed patent application suggesting the company wants to turn living rooms into something akin to the holodecks featured in Star Trek.

Microsoft patent application number 20120223885, as filed in early-2011, relates to an "immersive display experience." It describes a system for bringing console gaming out from beyond the television screen and into the real world. The humble television set would still show the game's main visuals, but a "peripheral image" would be displayed onto all four walls of the room being used. The game's environment would then surround the player, with a depth-sensing camera system (Kinect is already capable of this) tracking the player's position so that they can, for example, "turn around and observe an enemy sneaking up from behind."


Submission + - Curiosity Rover landed on Mars Successfully and started sending Images of Mars. (

Qualitypointtech writes: "Nasa's has announced that Curiosity Rover has landed on Mars Safely. U.S President Barack Obama on Curiosity: "Tonight, on the planet Mars, the United States of America made history."
You can see below the Reaction of MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) Team after learning that Mars Curiosity rover has landed safely on Mars."

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