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Journal Journal: Foe/Freak 4

What in the world?

I get on /. today (Wed, March 8, 2006), and see a message from Monday.

Relationship change

I like those messages, because it (usually) means that someone has read some of what I've posted, and it matters enough to them that they've made the effort to do the relationship change.

This time; however, it was weird.
The person making the change, constablefuse, is now one of my Freaks (he has named me one of his Foes). He/She has never posted anything on /. (as far as I can tell, under that name anyway) and yet has more than 60 foes already. His/Her /. ID is lower than mine, so probably they've been around for a couple of years, anyway.
Sounds like a spare name someone uses to keep track of who disturbs them, but constablefuse wants to post without people knowing that he/she doesn't like people.
I wonder if they have a separate name for people that they like?

One thing about /., you get to meet some interesting virtual fractional personalities.

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Journal Journal: Packard Bell tower

On Wednesday I saw one of those funky Packard Bell towers in a store that sells used computers.

You know, the TOWER with the extra wide base to hold a horizontal motherboard and a riser card for the slots.

Luckily it been long enough since I had to support one of those that I was able to control the feelings of revulsion and keep them below actual vomit level.

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Journal Journal: The mind Boggles, Jeeves.

I know that Troll modifiers are easy to get on /., but the fact that someone couldn't understand that this post was an invitation to discuss morality and ethics boggles the mind.

It doesn't even contradict any of the common political fanaticisms on /., merely asks a question in three different ways, and suggests a thought to begin discussion.

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