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Comment The market is working RIGHT NOW. (Score 2) 238

If you start a Stupid Crap website, I'll visit it. Every time a friend or acquaintance asks me what they think about the phone they're thinking of buying, I'll direct them there. Every time someone comes to me and says, "Look at my sweet new Statosphere 3!" I'll say, "I don't know, man. I was looking at and how do you like your calendar?" and then I will encourage them to take the phone back. That's the free market at work. Now if I can beat you to the punch and create such a website, I'll make the money and you won't. Thanks for the idea, dummy!
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - "I'm a Mac" Not Really A Mac (

Descalzo writes: In light of all the recent 'false advertisement' stories that have been cropping up lately, here's one that's not getting enough traction. Remember all those Mac vs PC TV spots? Well it turns out that the person who says, "I'm a Mac" is not really a Mac at all; he's actor Justin Long. He was paid to pretend to be a Mac, and even offered discounts at Apple Stores. He admits all this on the Ellen DeGeneres show! It turns out the PC guy really was a PC.

Comment Re:Nokia n900 (Score 1) 359

Just seeing the contortions you guys go through to make backticks and tildes work makes me wonder how many months you wasted figuring that bit out. You could have been doing something useful/valuable instead.

I wasted 0.000004 months figuring that out.

You'd have saved that time by learning better scripting skills. Backticks have been deprecated for a long time (ambiguous nesting - use $(blah) instead), and I don't know where you'd NEED to use a tilde (bare "cd" takes you $HOME).

I also wish you people would learn to use blockquote.

Does it really only take 0.000004 months to learn better scripting skills? I guess it might, for all I know. I haven't written a line of code in many, many moons. And notice how I learned how to use blockquote! Another 0.000004 months put to good use!

Comment Re:Loser's identity was already blown before Gizmo (Score 1) 853

Is it important that this wasn't a "leak"? This dingdong who leaves his phone out was not risking anything to get the information out there. He was a dumdum who left his phone at a bar after getting too loaded and showing it off to some honeys. Why is it so important to protect his identity? But they do seem to be protecting the identity of the true leaker, the guy who found the phone, realized what he had, and gave it to the news outlet that would be best suited for publishing.

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