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Journal Journal: New Exciting Feature - Winkey Logout

Account Lockout v1.2 is out!

File version and changes:

  • Account_Locker.exe is at version and supports the loading of it's DLLs from any system folder, and supports the loading and injection of the Winkey Logout System.
  • account_lockout.dll and RemoteLib.dll are still at version and respectively and havn't changed.
  • The new kid on the block is winkey_logout.dll at version and is supported by the older injection system. So if you want, you can inject it into the system.

winkey_logout.dll is a new bit of technology. What it does is it hooks onto the right and left Windows keys. When you press these buttons, it calls ExitWindows. When it does this, the current user is logged off. This file goes in your system32 directory as well.

Download: Here (Win32 Only)

So have fun with this, and get back to me on how/if it works.


Journal Journal: Quick update to Locker

I just did a quick update to my Account Lockout program, better supporting Windows 2000 (and all systems not using C:\Windows for their system folder).

Account Lockout

  • (May 19th, 2005)Added CSIDL detection of System Folder. No longer hardwired. Tested on XP (SP2).

Journal Journal: Spinoff of Key Blocker 1

The next thing to come to Vectec is what I call the Account Lockout (real creative, I know). It only works under XP, because of fast user switching (Make sure it's enabled. Read Item 6 below). This is how it works:

  1. Install DLLs to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32
  2. Create a new account, and clear out it's desktop and start menu (except Programs/Startup in the start menu). Place the executable inside the Startup folder.
  3. When you log into that account, there will be a brief moment where the user will be able to access everything as normal, but soon enough (or at least on my computer), the program will inject a dll into the system and execute it.
  4. Once this happens, the system drops the start-menu, taskbar, and desktop icons (and right clicking ability).
  5. After that happens, the program will display a nice promt informing the user of it's new found restrictions
  6. To log out, press WINKEY+L, log in as another user (administrator), and press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Go to the users tab, click the limited user, and click Log Off.

Download: Win32


  • Autodetect system32 directory.
  • Quicker locking
  • Custom Program Launch
  • Winkey to log out
  • Fix bug that if the program doesn't sleep long enough before injecting, the account freezes up.

Please test this code, it's a SLASHDOT EXCLUSIVE. I look forward to your comments.


Journal Journal: Vectec.Net back up

Just a quick post, but my website (vectec.net) is back up. The funds have been dropped to my dns provider, DNS Made Easy. I might put some of my software up, but when I do, I'll tell you guys. Sneak peak Slashdot only :D.

So if you want, you can check out my forums...please...PLEASE


Journal Journal: Key Injection - Part II 1

You all remember my last entry about this, if you havn't, please go read it.

I havn't had much time, but I've learned a few things, like for one, using the Low Level Hook can only be used on Windows NT 3.0 SP2 and Above*. This is discouraging for the time being, but homefully there'll be a work around for the 98 & ME systems.

I've also been working on an interface. One which you can either inject, or let the program host the DLL, where it can disabled at any time.

I don't know the demand for this is so I'll keep developing it. Comment and let your voice be heard.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Crappy Weather

Go figure, it's rainy and windy. This ment that they called off the "expedition" to the Parrsboro repeater late last night. On the plus side, I don't feel so bad about being stuck inside cleaning all day.

And don't even say it

Since HSPC, I havn't done any programming. I'm kind of grateful for that though. I was going to post a couple of pics, but Imageshack seems to be down :\

I'm going to make a few improvements to my injector like custom DLL, maybe something like web2dll, custom injection targets, and fun stuff like that. I don't know if I should publicly release it though. I'm thinking something like this:

web2dll -cache -update -t notepad.exe uienhance.dll

might inject notepad.exe with uienhance.dll. Update would update any current versions on the computer, and -cache would download a copy. The alternative is run -nocache, which would download and locally run the dll. This idea is still sketchy and I'll probably never do it.

So until next time, 73, VE1TUX Clear


Journal Journal: Process Injection 1

Well, I've managed to pull a few things together and now I have a program/library type thing where I can inject a DLL into the "Start Menu" on any Windows system.

My first test was creating a DLL to inject that disabled a few keys (ALT+TAB, CTRL+ESC, ALT+ESC). Once doing that, I created a second one for fun that disabled all keys.

For you techies out there, all it does is open a HWND, write some stuff to it's address space, and call loadlibrary on that process (I didn't write that part). Once doing that, the DLL creates a hook. By injecting it into another process that's on all the time, you can effectivly create something that can't be unhooked.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I'm so busy

Between work and school, things are more then a little busy. I need to sit down with a teacher for Qwark, go take my application to the Red Cross, go sign up for curling, and go call my manager.

I'm finding it hard to find time to do my other work.

Oh yeah, I'm plugging away at Vortex.


Journal Journal: I hate Micro$oft!!!!!!!

MSN just went down for me... They must be having some serious problems... I was in the middle of a discussion with Sam when it went.

You'd think they'd have backup servers or something, because this happens way too often.

AMSN can connect (sometimes), but it get "contact does not exist"!


Journal Journal: Vortex OS

Well now, some of you might remember Vortex. Well guess what, It's coming back! It'll come in a couple of flavours:

  • Non Graphical
  • Graphical Standalone
  • Full Featured

I hope to start work on it tommorow, the first version. I hope to launch my first program soon.

And for those who are wondering, the GUI will be done with AWE (link soon)

PS: Skinning will be available

User Journal

Journal Journal: Does this mean 2x?

So what? I skipped yesterday. Does it really matter that much anyways?

I worked from 6-10, got home at 3:30, had to do stuff and cook supper at 4:45ish.

Speaking of work, it was a slow night, and got $3.80 in tips... I was the drive through runner.

I have a driving lesson tonight in 15 minutes (5:15), and I have the test for my fulls tommorow.

Anyways, not much to say tonight, so g'night all!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Oh Goody, More Work

Once again, I worked 4-8, but hey, it's all money... I worked cash for the first time, woah, soooo...many...buttons! Anyways, I survived, I even served the owner of the store (*glup*!).

My Anthem assignment is done, at 1791 words, it's a whopper, and no, I will not publish it on my webpage. In fact, it's printing right now.

Anther fire drill today, oh joy, great great joy, right in the middle of math class...

I'm working on a new project for CRS12 (Computer Related Studies 12, or Java), an AI for a tic-tac-toe game. Great fun (Actually I'm not being sarcastic :P).

Anyways, great fun! Leave em little comments, pls and thx!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Less then 750 1

I have less then 750 words left to write today on my english assigment... I also have to do my CLM assign, and my PAL project... I work tommorow and wednesday...

Math quiz today, 5.5 out of 6, I'm dissapointed I lost marks, but it's all good.

My CRS12 project is coming up soon, I have to write an intelligent computer player for a tic tac toe game... Fun Fun, lol.

I just have to talk to Steve, and then I'm out to do homework, night ya'll!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Back to school 1

Just as you go to relax, something comes and reminds you of the real world, in this case, school. Yep, that's right, school again tommorow! I don't have to work again until Tuesday though.

Oh, I got two more users on my forums today! Now to see if they will post :\. In related news (ok, maybe not), I gave out free cookies today. That's me with the Tux avatar...

Anyways, I'm signing off now, I'm taking a break from my homework (it's due wed., but like I said, I work on Tuesday.), but I have math homework for tommorow, a math quiz tommorow, and a CLM assignment due tuesday, and a PAL project due friday. I also get my full licence friday, so I don't get to go skating with my class (oh joy, lol)... Anyways, check back in soon.

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