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Comment This will be the end of civilization (Score 5, Insightful) 121

Seriously, no one gets anything done in any job with their manager looking over their shoulder. Just think about it, every time the boss wanders into your office you stop what you're doing. And if you didn't, they'd start in with 'advice' until your productivity was shot to hell anyway. key-loggers and such are another great example. Any place I've ever been that used key-logging people spent more time trying to either get around it, or do the bare minimum WPM than they did in actual honest work. An invention that lets a boss micro-manage every employee on a second-by-second basis is going to bring our society grinding to a halt.

Submission + - Parallel processor 100x faster than current PCs (

LowbrowDeluxe writes: "University of Maryland researchers are seeking submissions to name their breakthrough prototype. The actual hardware is appearantly mostly stock hardware that has been reconfigured, but the real breakthrough appears to be in how the system is programmed to make use of the massive parallel processing ability available to it. If true, this could be the next 'big thing'. See article Here."

Submission + - Fired Employee Can Sue Company For Stolen Data

ubuwalker31 writes: Plaintiff Louis Thyroff was an insurance agent for defendant Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. In 1988, the parties had entered into an Agent's Agreement that specified the terms of their business relationship. As part of the arrangement, Nationwide agreed to lease Thyroff computer hardware and software to facilitate the collection and transfer of customer information to Nationwide. In addition to the entry of business data, Thyroff also used the AOA system for personal e-mails, correspondence and other data storage that pertained to his customers. On a daily basis, Nationwide would automatically upload all of the information from Thyroff's AOA system, including Thryoff's personal data, to its centralized computers.

The Agent's Agreement was terminable at will and, in September 2000, Thyroff received a letter from Nationwide informing him that his contract as an exclusive agent had been cancelled. The next day, Nationwide repossessed its AOA system and denied Thyroff further access to the computers and all electronic records and data. Consequently, Thyroff was unable to retrieve his customer information and other personal information that was stored on the computers. Thyroff initiated an action for conversion (civil theft) against Nationwide Insurance in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York, alleging that Nationwide stole his business and personal information stored on the company's computer hard drives, which had been leased to him.

Shockingly, New York State's highest court ruled for the little guy, and agreed that an action for conversion could be pursued in Federal Court.

How will this effect corporate data policies and practices in the future? Do you think this legal ruling was correct?

Read the entire court opinion in Thyroff v. Nationwide
The Internet

Submission + - Livejournal-SixApart suspending accounts

Tsarina Amanda writes: "Livejournal/SixApart has bowed to complaints and possible nastygrams to advertisers by a so-called vigilante group Warriors for Innocence by suspending accounts related to fandom writing, roleplaying journals, abuse survivor groups and one community discussing Nabokov. The efforts appear to have very little to do with any actual crimes committed on Livejournal. LJ's Abuse and legal team has apparently decided that having certain keywords consitutes criminal intent. Strikethrough 2007, Permanent Suspensions is an excellent clearinghouse of information, including malicious spyware attacks by this supposed vigilante group, lists of deleted and suspended communities as well as numerous other posts with relevant information. LJ users have posted several thousand comments in the past 24 hours asking for a public explanation from Livejournal/SixApart. Numerous paid users have stated they are withdrawing their business form the site. More than 12,000 users have joined Fandom Counts Community to show how their absence would negatively impact the finances of the company. In the past 24 hours, LJ & SixApart have failed to address the issue at all."

Submission + - LiveJournal deleting "illegal" accounts

tirerim writes: "A group calling itself the Warriors For Innocence complained to LiveJournal that many journals and communities listed certain illegal interests that might encourage pedophilia. As a result, the company has apparently been deleting such accounts, no questions asked. Victims so far reportedly include several fanfiction communities, a discussion group for the book Lolita, journals of RPG characters, and, most disturbingly, some journals of survivors of child abuse."

Submission + - Livejournal/Six Apart begin mass-deleting accounts

LowbrowDeluxe writes: Livejournal has begun deleting accounts based solely on their listing 'illegal' interests. While Livejournal itself has yet to make any official statement on the more than 500 accounts already suspended, the President of the parent company has already been interviewed and claimed that the journals in question did not meet the criteria of the environment they wished to create. While the keywords used to choose the accounts were clearly related to child pornography, incest, and rape, accounts such as Harry Potter fan groups, and rape survivor groups have also been suspended, appearantly permanently. She a related news article here: al+revolt+-+page+2/2100-1025_3-6187619-2.html?tag= st.num Or just go to Livejournal and watch the panic spread.

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