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Comment Re: So much for color calibration (Score 1) 78

If you notice. The point of red-shift policy is that it is a gradual change so you aren't supposed to notice it or worry about turning it on or off. Yes you can turn it off for your computer, but you can't turn it off for other people's computers who might be viewing your content.

Yes, clients should be able to red-shift their stuff and I don't want Big Brother taking control and enforcing color profiles. At the same time some clients might want artwork to be displayed correctly, while normal/typical content is red-shifted.

If this becomes really common, what are the chances that web sites will Blue-shift their content (ads) so that it appears more vibrant on these displays? They could even serve different for each user based on location tracking/time of day. We'll need blue-shift blocking add-ons in addition to ad-blocking. .. .

Comment So much for color calibration (Score 2) 78

I wonder how "creative" apps will handle this-- will they get an exemption from the red-shift policy, or a warning? What about clients? Should certain content be flagged as "color sensitive" and be displayed at a standard color profile despite the rest of the screen being red-shifted? I just spent a lot of time calibrating my displays with DisplayCal, dammit!

Comment I was an Incredible Universe "star" (Score 1) 351

Remember Incredible Universe? The awesome stores before Fry's Electronics bought them out?
The Phoenix, AZ store on Baseline had setup Doom head-to-head for people to play, which was great. Later, a local BBS called The Stomping Grounds setup a kiosk in the store where a local user could play against the users playing on the BBS, and it was presented on a big screen TV. Well, I had become one of the top players by now, almost as good as SillySoft himself. I sat down and just completely wasted people left and right on Level1 (Doom 2). A small crowd had gathered and I think they started calling me "Monkey Boy" because I could dodge everything and constantly destroyed the other players. It was a great once-in-a-lifetime feeling; like a true modern gladiator. If only I had known the line "Are you not entertained?!?!"

Comment Google Sites with Google Apps Script (Score 1) 107

You can make a free google site at
You can learn Apps Script
So not only can kids develop in an IDE in a browser, they get their own web site and do whatever they want. I recently started using it and I figured out how to render a ghetto lightbox with images pulled from my flickr feed. I used nothing but google API stuff, UiApp, etc.

Comment Re:Ghost in the machine (Score 1) 128

Hydraulic isn't much different. A blocked port in the rack and pinion can send the wheel spinning wildly in one direction. Happened to my brother's old Volvo. The wheel would damn-near tear your arm off and try to send you into oncoming traffic. There are a lot of ways to build in saftey. I was impressed with recent brake-pedal light switches. My oldest car was one wire that completed a ground loop. If the switch failed you'd never know. My next car it was two wires. My newest car is three wires, and the plunger switch always opens one circuit and closes the other. With three wires the computer can sense a defective switch if the switch is ever in an open/open or closed/closed situation. In fact the computer logic allows *some* brief amounts of this situation simply to account for inaccuracies in the switch itself. So, things do get better.

Comment not likely (Score 1) 865

"Eventually, drivers will be expected to download and install car software patches themselves."

I can hardly see that happening. You'll need a valid support and maintenance contract and the patches will be downloaded automatically or you'll have to visit an authorized service center if the downloads fail for some reason.

Comment uncertainty of death? (Score 1) 75

Perhaps Steinman wasn't certainly dead until the committee was informed of which world they were now in (the world where Steinman died on Friday), and therefore the normal rules of the award don't need to be broken to give him the prize. That is, when the committee made the announcement, Steinman was both dead and alive? I'm conflating theories, I know, but please understand I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Comment SRP (southwest U.S) is doing this (free) (Score 1) 58

Well, not up to the minute, but just last month they added daily usage graphs with on-peak and off-peak as well as average temperature. You can see yesterday's usage. You can also let it calculate your next bill based on partial usage. So, you may not want to drop hundreds of dollars on this if your local power company has the data and is willing to share...

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