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Submission + - NASA Goddard releases RFP for MMO (nasa.gov)

Pvt_Waldo writes: NASA quietly released an Request For Proposal (RFP) on Friday for their NASA themed MMO, much I'm sure to the initial joy of the huge number of people who submitted to their earlier RFI (Request For Information) back in January of this year. Joy at least for a few minutes, until the people reading it realized that this will be an unfunded project. That's right, NASA is not putting any money into this project at all. They will be graciously granting the rights to ask that certain conditions be met by whom ever they choose, and yet will be providing no money. None for development, none for support, none for prototyping or resaerch. What ever happened to that $3 million we read about a year ago?!

Rumor has it that they got around 140+ submissions to the RFI (Request For Information) earlier this year and NASA only expecting 20 or 30. NASA was thrilled, and the press and the blogs were all over this — you could tell a lot of people were hugely excited about this game idea. And yet now, as an unfunded project, it is no more than NASA saying, "Hey, we would love it if someone would make this game for us. We insist it meet certain requirements and we will be judging your submissions based on certain conditions. Oh, and it's up to you to fund all the development and then subsequent support and maintenance of this project."

Did the coolest game idea since Spore just go from "w00t" to "suck" in the flash of an eye?

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