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Submission + - Major fire at data center

Puppet Master writes: "I work for a domain registrar and hosting company, we've been unable to process credit card transactions since just after mid-night. website is down, phone lines go to fast busy signal...

Then found this. A major fire at the data center shut down their entire credit card processing operations.

They hope to have it up in a matter of hours, not days. But if you are attempting to purchase something and your card does not go through, now you know why."
The Internet

Submission + - RegisterFly email

Puppet Master writes: A long time ago, I signed up to receive emails from RegisterFly on their specials...

Didn't figure I'd receive anymore since ICANN, decommissioned them. Today in my Gmail, I received a new email from you guessed it... RegisterFly.

The email says:

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Reseller Price List

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This email was sent by

Did anyone else get one of these?

Submission + - RegisterFly Update - Medina is awarded control

Puppet Master writes: "According to ICANN, Federal court has awarded control of to Kevin Medina. This was the guy that was embezzling money from the company to pay for liposuction, rent on a penthouse, and escort services instead of using it to pay registry bills for RegisterFly.

This move by the courts should leave customers feeling safe!

Here's similar info on Wikipedia."

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