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Comment Re:As if current voting systems (Score 1) 219

I do live in Texas and here's how the last several elections have been laid out. Go to the court house, there is a table with 3 elderly ladies sitting behind it. I go to the first lady and show her your voter registration and she asks for your ID. I show her my ID and she asks "Republican or Democrat?" (Why that makes a difference I don't know), but I tell her Democrat (I think once I actually asked why that mattered), and she takes one of 2 little rubber stamps that either says R or D on it. And marks that next to my name and address in a big book. This shows that I have come to vote. Then she hands my ID to the next lady and also marks a "voted" on my voter registration card and hands it back to me. The 2nd lady writes down my name in a sign-in roster and asks me to sign my name. I do that and she hands my ID to the 3rd lady who looks at it, enters some information onto a machine which spits out this little piece of paper with a 4 digit number on it. She hands that piece of paper back to me along with my ID. Now all 3 ladies have viewed my ID and the 3rd lady has tied my ID to a 4 digit number. Maybe it's not tied together, but I find it very odd that she used my ID to enter something from it, and that generated the 4 digit code. I then take the 4 digit code to the voting machine and enter it. It pulls up the ballot and I put in my votes. Then I review the votes and finally cast my ballot. That's how it works where I live in Texas. In my eyes, that's not secret. That 4 digit code is tied to my votes, which is tied to my ID.

Comment As if current voting systems (Score 4, Informative) 219

are secret anyway. I had to show them my voter registration card, my picture ID, and from that, they entered something into a computer which spit out a 4 digit number. Then that 4 digit number is used on the voting machines. So they already know that my ID is tied to that number and that number is tied to my votes. There's no secrecy any more.

Comment So DNC staff members can't have an opinion... (Score 1) 424

of their own??

Some of the leaked emails from party staffers depicted officials favoring now-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during their primary campaign.

This makes it sound like each DNS staff member must all either be for Hillary or for Bernie. Just stating in an email that some prefer one over the other shouldn't matter.

Comment I'm a jerk then. (Score 1) 642

It's fucking shit you learn in elementary school. If adults cannot use correct grammar, then there is no hope for humanity. Spelling mistakes happen, so does the occasional grammar mistake but really simple mistakes that happen too often piss me off. Competent adults should know the difference between "there", they're", and "their" and also "to", "too" and "two" It's not rocket science and is shit we learned in the 4th grade. Get it right or go the fuck home.

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