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Comment Re:Hobbit (Score 1) 278

I've always wanted to take a derelict submarine, ship it to Barstow, California and sell 1-year+ stays to these folks and see how it affects their opinion on colonization. All the "we must escape the cradle" arguments for colonization ignore the fact that it is really, REALLY hard to imagine a catastrophe that will render Earth as inhospitable as Mars or the Moon. As bad as the K-T extinction event was, Earth had plenty of flora and even megafauna that survived. Mars? Maybe can support some microbial life. Maybe. If you can build a hermetically sealed, relatively self-sustaining habitat, why not plop them all over Antarctica, the Gobi or even the continental shelves?

Comment Oh good.... (Score 5, Funny) 166

So this time will it be headed somewhere with an endgame in mind, or will it simply be more filler because the writers have no idea how to make all the threads pay off in the end? I'm not bitter or anything.

Comment Re:Monsanto (Score 1) 100

Ah yes. Genes that ruin reproductive success really are a serious problem when they escape into the wild populations. Can you just take five minutes from conspiracy land and think about how that would work in the context of natural selection?

Comment Re:I hate to defend Monsanto somewhat, but (Score 1) 617

You can patent "life" (at least in the US in the form of organisms modified by humans). That ship has sailed a long time ago, see the US Supreme Court case Diamond v. Chakrabarty. You might make a MORAL case that you should not be able to patent things this way. Your statement however, is demonstrably wrong from a legal standpoint.

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