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Comment Re: Participation Trophy (Score 1) 300

Should I even bother explaining if you're going to be so obtuse? Well fuck it, I'm killing time at work.

Two things are pretty much certain at this point - 1) The amount of jobs is going to continue to decrease with automation. 2) Population is going to keep rising unless we adopt a China like '1 child per family' law.

All this is going to do is resolve a large subset of the population to crippling poverty. What happens in most of the poor neighborhoods you know of? Why, they happen to be disproportionately affected by crime! That being said, UBI is not the solution we need now. UBI is the solution we need to be talking about for the future.

Comment Re: Participation Trophy (Score 1) 300

I may have not fully explained my idea that well. We are going to come to a time where automation severely hits a lot of the unskilled labor market. There will be a portion of the population that will accept the money and move out of the way. In the context of what the GP said, its not like everyone is going to just stop working. Those that can't find any gainful employment will be taken care of (either though lack of jobs or lack of caring). The people that are still making a good living in what they're doing will keep working. UBI is not the solution we need now. UBI is the solution we need to worry about 50-100 years down the road when automation becomes the norm. Jobs will decrease as automation increases, and unless we do the China "1 child per family" laws, our population is going to keep expanding. What's going to happen that point is that without something like UBI, you're basically putting a good chunk of people into crushing poverty and we become a third world country.

Comment Re: Participation Trophy (Score 1) 300

UBI will only work if you give people the extreme minimum required to survive. Most people do not want to live there. Also, with the growth of automation we are only giing to see jobs shrinking in the future. UBI is a good way to prevent those that would end up in extreme poverty from resorting to crime.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

My mom didn't grasp how bad the situation was for school until we compared tuition. In 1995, she was paying $9/credit. In 2015, going to the same community college she did, I was paying $47/credit. In that time, minimum wage increased by 2x, where tuition increased 5.2x. She has since gotten off the whole "They should just go to college and get a better life, it's easy" rant now.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 726

Just going to throw this out there: Majority of your retail and food service gigs run on a magical percentage that you have to keep as a manager. In all the places I've worked, labor percentages were to be somewhere between 10 and 15%. That would be the target market of your minimum wage employees. If a place is running on such razor thin margins that a slow increase of $5/hr over several years, the place is doomed anyways.

Comment Re:You mean something awful victim? (Score 1) 511

There are some instances of themselves sending threats to themselves. Mostly Wu. Id have to pull up the archives I have of it. Sarkeesian, not so much. A lot of the noise through the incident seemed to be Bafomet (sp?) trolls (ex SA goons) starting shit, as well as your typical band wagoner trolls. When /r/kotakuinaction was first formed, every post in there was relating to some sort of ethics violations, and no trolling. Even if you check the 4chan archives, its the same thing. The trolls that said they were from GG that sent a large portion of the threats (to both sides) also happened to be the spliter group GGRevolt. Don't buy into the GG was a harassment campaign - Take a stroll down at the KIA subreddit. Its mostly poking fun at SJWs and talking about ethical issues in gaming.

Comment Re:You mean something awful victim? (Score 1) 511

The threats against Wu are questionable. Same with Sarkeesian. The major ones that everyone seems to point to are from egg accounts that get screencapped within minutes of posting. Playing the victim pays out big.

Also, it was, and still is (in part), about the lack of integrity in the gaming press and the press at large. The amount of gaming sites that now have a Code of Ethics and sport disclaimers in their articles have skyrocketed since GamerGate started.

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