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Comment Re:So in other words... (Score 1) 312

As I understood it, the juice will still be legal to sell so long as it goes through an FDA approval for each Nic level of the juice, supplied in glass bottles, and is sealed. Besides how much money it would cost for the testing, this is pretty much a non issue, and plenty in the industry say is a good way to knock out the shady suppliers and manufacturers.

Where did it ever say that non-nicotine flavorings are being deemed a tobacco product? Its just a flavor extract in PG or VG... If its true, this is also the exact reason why most people are fighting against the regulations. While some would be good, coming down with an iron fist like this and crippling an industry is just terrible.

On a more humorous note, one of the vape shops said they would just sell their juice as personal flavored lubricants. Just add nic yourself.

Comment Re:Always question a study... (Score 2) 312

The eCig is regularly put into conditions where no sane human would use them. The issue when using a device to do a 5 second draw (try it, its not easy when trying to inhale out of something with almost no air flow), with no word of factors like coil resistance, how hard the air was drawn through the system (inhale too hard, it wont wick fast enough), coil metal type, etc. Combine that with the fact that nobody uses that style anymore (eGo with a cardo tank, which require a much higher level of PG so it can wick properly), and you have a study that is entirely worthless.

Comment Re:Always question a study... (Score 1) 312

The people chucking huge clouds are actually the EXACT people that would have temp control units. Almost every new mod that has come out with some sort of control system on it has had TC. The only people that wouldn't are working with mechanical mods, but those have fallen out of fashion in the past year or two. Everyone running sub box/dual bat box mods now.

Taking a look at the pictures from the article, they are using eGo style battery with OG bottom feeder tank. Typically stuff you cant buy from US companies anymore and are all imported from China and only sold at the most bootleg of shops. You get very small clouds with those devices.

Comment Re:So in other words... (Score 1) 312

There are two industries in the eCig business. The ones you find at tobacco shops and gas stations, and the ones where you go to a legitimate shop. Every legitimate shop I have gone to only carries known brands that are open about their production practices and gives breakdowns of what is in their juice. This includes how the flavors are extracted, mixture of PG/VG, and any kind of flavoring that may be added. Most of the major brands are made in labs, and are tested to verify that they meet certain standards.

This study is looking into the stuff you get at tobacco shops and gas stations. The seedy shit. We've had someone roll into a shop I go to with something that said it was 24MG/mL of nic, saying they were craving cigarettes like they had just quit. I dropped a tiny bit on my hand and licked a bit off of it. 24MG/mL should have made my tongue go numb instantly. It did nothing. I vaped a tiny bit of it and it was probably closer to .5-1.5MG/mL. THAT stuff needs to get taken off the shelf. The problem with self regulation is that it doesn't force all the companies to join up.

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