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Comment Re:Dota (Score 2) 73

You are completely off the mark. There are two betting systems - One you bet on games to earn tokens to level up your Compendium (which gives non-tradeable, not marketable items), or you get charms that you get 3/5 matches right, you get a pretty cheap (read: worthless) skin. Neither of these systems net you anything other than crap to your account.

Comment Re:If incrimental upgrades are going to be the nor (Score 1) 142

From what I read, its really only 4k for video and the menu systems anyways. The console is supposed to hit 1080p/60FPS on demanding games which is a monstrous improvement over the current gen consoles. Its really not a bad buy, but the 4k claim is very misrepresented.

Comment Re:If incrimental upgrades are going to be the nor (Score 1) 142

It would be closer to $1000. If not more. For 30 FPS 4k gaming, you need a 980 TI (or possibly a 1070 depending on how it actually benchmarks). Add in a better CPU to be able to handle a GPU that is that powerful, and you already hit double the price without factoring in any other parts. Then you would have to consider how much heat a box like that is generating. So no, its not 4k gaming at even double the PS4 price.

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