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Comment Re:Experts are usually wrong when.. (Score 1) 609

The reason that politicians cannot admit mistakes is because it is political suicide to do so in front of a finicky public. And the fact that they answer to the public and the public is allowed to discard politicians as they please is where they get their legitimacy. Where do these experts get their legitimacy? How can they convince a public that had no say in how they are selected or do their job to accept hard decisions? The "noble lie", a la Plato's Republic? The Enlightened Despotism of the Renaissance? If you don't trust the public and are unwilling to accept suboptimal decisions, then the rulers here are going to just end up justifying their actions to the public with "because I say so". And if they do answer to the public then you'll just end up with more politicians.

Comment Re:Which bit is true? (Score 1) 609

If it cannot in principle be measured or observed (with past, existing or future technology) then it cannot be true.

You seem to have "true" confused with "provable". There are uncountably infinitely many true things that can never be proven with any finite or countably infinite amount of time or evidence (proved via Gödel). There either is a god or there isn't: one of those must be true, even if we never know which.

Comment Re: Stupid people getting a stupid certification (Score 2) 241

Nothing wrong with being a plumber. From the replies that I've gotten, I can see that it was taken as an insult. I didn't mean that, but I can see how I fucked up. I was actually trying to disparage the people who think anything they don't want to learn is worthless as being anti-intellectuals. I think they should go to trade school or do anything else that they want to do, because college is not for them. And that would be good too. There are too many college graduates. Quality over quantity.

Comment Re: Stupid people getting a stupid certification (Score 1) 241

That's good. College educated does not mean smart (though making mistakes does not mean stupid either). Many are dumbasses, most maybe (probably not though). But I wasn't addressing that. I was criticizing the almost anti-intellectualism that comes with this fad of wanting to change college curriculum because they are super specialized in one specific skill and woefully lacking in others, and feel some sort of superiority from that ignorance. Part of getting a degree is taking a history course. If you don't want to do that, go learn a trade and you won't have to. There's nothing wrong with that. But they should pretend that the stuff that they personally don't want to learn has zero value.

Comment Re: Stupid people getting a stupid certification (Score 2) 241

I didn't imply that all. There are plenty of people in the trades that are critical thinking and intelligent. The wisest man I've known was a welder, in fact. My point was that instead of trying to water down a general education, the people who think writing papers is a waste of time should go learn a skill where they won't have to.

Comment Re:False Shortage (Score 1) 241

Why is that bad? Because they won't get the whole software engineer experience?


They probably don't have the needs or capital to justify that

Then take out a loan. And if they can't do that, then how are they going to pay for this new school anyway?

and a lower quality software development will do just fine..

No it won't. You cannot magically get better results by shoving more people at a problem. You'll get a bunch of shitty software that will always break and will cost you more in the long run. Would you buy a disposable car that will completely ruined after three years of constant repairs for a 30% discount? Is your time really so cheap that all the hours of being broke down on the side of the road are worth it?

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